Car accidents cause some of the most severe injuries, including deep cuts, broken bones, and burns as well as spinal trauma and traumatic brain injuries. Individuals who look severely injured are more likely to receive emergency treatment. However, not every injury appears to be as bad as it is. People may therefore delay medical treatment, and even seek an accident attorney, which puts their health, legal options, and financial status at risk.

An automobile accident can be extremely traumatic. The aftermath can be just as overwhelming too, but one thing you shouldn’t forget is immediate medical treatment; and here is why:

Your Health May Be at Risk

You may have no pain or difficulty moving. No confusion, obvious bleeding, or trauma—but there may be something seriously wrong and the symptoms may take days to appear, sometimes weeks. The rush of adrenaline can hide severe symptoms. Delaying medical treatment increases the risk of a treatable condition becoming more serious; potentially life-threatening. For example, you might have internal bleeding or a head injury that can have life-long effects. To sooner you receive proper treatment, the better your odds of a full recovery.

Avoiding the Doctor Won’t Save You Money

The cost of medical treatment is one reason people put off visiting the doctor. But you’re not going to save this way. For one, serious problems may be festering, and the longer you wait, the more you risk needing more expensive treatment and taking more time out of work. Another reason is that the at-fault driver’s insurance company isn’t guaranteed to pay your medical bills. Waiting for them to first is the wrong move. The insurer will need to see the medical bills you send to them after treatment; examining these bills is part of the claims process.

Delayed Care Can Hurt Your Insurance Claim

Regardless of whether you claim to have suffered severe injuries, the insurance company won’t have proof of that if there’s no record of medical treatment immediately following the accident. Insurers often use this as a reason to justify denying or reducing claims. But their reasoning isn’t only to save money; if you don’t get immediate treatment, they can assume you were not injured as badly as you say.

You May Not Have a Legal Case

From a legal perspective, delaying medical care gives an attorney less to work with. A personal injury case first requires the plaintiff to prove the defendant was negligent. Then they must show that this negligence directly contributed to the damages suffered. Even if your case goes to trial, a jury may question the severity of the injuries you claim were from the accident. Or, your claim may be denied altogether.

As with medical care, car accident victims may delay consulting a personal injury attorney due to cost. Delaying legal advice can put your claim at risk. A statute of limitations restricts the time you can file a lawsuit to two years after the date of the accident. Since it takes time to build a case, you should find a lawyer, and obtain lawsuit funding, to get immediate financial assistance ahead of your settlement.

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