A crash with a big rig or 18-wheeler can have devastating results. It can severely damage your car or property, not to mention cause injuries so bad you cannot work, earn an income, or perform routine daily tasks. Oftentimes, truck accident victims do not survive.
Truck accident lawsuits are typically very complex. Truckers often work for large organizations backed by powerful insurance companies. That’s why you need an attorney. If legal costs seem like too much of a challenge, then legal funding in Los Angeles can help until a proper settlement is reached.

To put it concisely, if any of the circumstances mentioned earlier apply to you, contact an attorney and then apply for legal funding. Only with an experienced attorney will you receive fair and just compensation for you and your family.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

In California, trucks are seen on all major roads. Trucking helps drive the economy, making truck drivers extremely important. But with a high volume of truck traffic, accidents happen all too often. Some of the reasons include:

The Extreme Dangers of Truck Accidents

The sheer size of a semi (up to 45 times the weight of a car) puts car drivers and passengers at risk. A typical semi weighs 70,000 pounds. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards cover guidelines that protect car passengers from impacts with vehicles of similar size, not trucks. Speed is often a factor. A truck that strikes at 70 miles per hour has twice the momentum of one going 50 miles per hour. The faster the truck, the more extreme the damage.

Trucks often lack rear and side bumpers. As a result, passenger car windows and doors are often smashed to bits, causing a high percentage injuries and deaths. Occupants of the car are usually most affected; truck drivers, on the other hand, often walk away unharmed.

Truck Accident Statistics

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration releases the Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts report on an annual basis. Here is a look at some of the latest facts:

How to Handle a Truck Accident Injury in California

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