Class action lawsuit pre-settlement funding can provide much-needed cash now when the legal process can take years. Involving numerous plaintiffs, class action lawsuits are notoriously time-consuming and hard to settle. Pre-settlement funding can cover your medical bills and living expenses until the case concludes. It also gives attorneys a chance to negotiate a higher settlement rather than have clients settle for less.

How Class Action Lawsuits Work

Also referred to as a mass tort, a class action lawsuit involves many plaintiffs (collectively a “class”) who were injured or sustained losses due to a single product or business. Class action lawsuits often arise from defective product claims. However, they can also involve fraudulent business practices, scams, investment fraud, or violations by an employer.

Once the legal process begins, several steps must be followed before the case is resolved:

Eligibility for Class Action Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding

To borrow money on a future settlement, the plaintiff(s) must be injured enough to be unable to work or cover living expenses. One can borrow up to a certain percentage of the expected settlement amount. Credit scores, the financial status of plaintiffs, or their income are not factors in approval decisions. Approval and the funding offered are dependent on the strength of the lawsuit and the cost burden of the injury.

Advantages of Class Action Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding

While the goal of the lawsuit is to compensate plaintiffs for their injuries or losses, cash awards typically aren’t received for some time. Class action lawsuit pre-settlement funding has these benefits:

How Pre-Settlement Funding Works

Obtaining pre-settlement funding often involves applying online. Applications are generally simple and require information about the plaintiff, their attorney, and the case. The funding company will then discuss the facts of the case with the attorney. This allows them to determine the validity of the claim and the chances of winning. Plaintiffs with stronger cases are more likely to be approved.

Once the applicant is approved for funding, they’ll receive an offer. They can accept or reject it, or take a lesser amount depending on their needs. The funds can then be quickly transferred to their bank account for immediate use.

Risks and Limitations of Pre-Settlement Funding

Class action lawsuit pre-settlement funding can be helpful during hard times. However, it’s not always the best option. Here’s why:


Class action lawsuits are complex and require many steps. Therefore, plaintiffs must often wait years to be compensated. But class action lawsuit pre-settlement funding can provide the financial support they need now. Nonetheless, it’s important to carefully consider your options, as not all cases qualify for legal funding and, depending on the circumstances, it can cost you more in the long run. Do your research and compare different lenders before signing off on any agreement, and discuss your financial needs with your attorney in advance.

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