Class action lawsuits can be complex and are known for being lengthy. With pre-settlement funding, you can get a cash advance on your future settlement award. It avoids having to wait months or years for a legal case to conclude. Learn if you qualify for class action lawsuit pre-settlement funding that can cover lost income, medical bills, travel, rent, utilities, or child care.

How Does a Class Action Lawsuit Work?

In a class action lawsuit, a civil action is brought forward by a group of people who have suffered common injuries or losses. One person is designated as a representative, so multiple individuals don’t have to sue the same party. Brought in state or federal court, this legal approach is simpler for the courts, plaintiffs, and defendants. 

Plaintiffs can rely on a single set of documents, witnesses, and experts. Meanwhile, law firms avoid trying multiple cases for the same act, event, or violation. The award to each individual is often too small to justify the cost and time of trying every case separately. When received, it is evenly distributed to all the victims. Class action lawsuits also help the courts manage schedules and costs.

Qualifying for Class Action Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding

To qualify for pre-settlement funding, you first must have a case that a funding company considers viable. Common types of class action cases include:

Aside from you being part of these types of class actions, the court must recognize the lawsuit.  Your lawyer must also approve of you seeking a lawsuit cash advance. The funding company will speak with your legal representative after you apply. Notifying them of your intent allows your attorney time to gather the materials a lender needs to make a decision.

The Funding Company Determines If You Qualify

Lawsuit funding companies work very quickly to provide non-recourse funding. The facts, merit, and value of your case are analyzed, and you can be approved for funding on the same day. The amount offered is typically a percentage of your expected payout. You don’t owe the lender back until the lawsuit is resolved. And if it loses, you aren’t obligated to repay the advance.

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