What You Need to Know About the Toyota Camry Recall

Toyota Motor North America recently issued a recall of 1,730 of their 2018 Camry models. These particular vehicles may have been manufactured using pistons that were one diameter too large. Oversized pistons cause a variety of undesirable effects and ultimately lead to engine failure if the condition isn’t corrected. Signs that oversized pistons may be part of the picture include unusual noises coming from the engine, excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe, and intermittent reductions of power. The worst-case scenario is that the vehicle’s motor gives up the ghost while moving at a high speed in traffic, making an accident of some type almost inevitable.

What to Do If You Think Your Vehicle May Be Affected

This is Toyota’s second recall for the 2018 Camry. All new Camry owners should receive written notification via first class mail by the end of May. If you purchased one of these cars, you should take it to your dealership so that they can check the production codes of the pistons to see if your vehicle is involved in the recall. You can also go to toyota.com/recall and enter your Vehicle Registration Number (VIN) into a designated form to find out whether or not your car is on the recall list. Each 2018 Camry affected by this manufacturing error will be equipped with a new engine completely free of charge. 

When asked for commentary on the recall, a safety spokesperson for the company explained that because of Toyotas are manufactured with such extreme precision, this mistake would have been impossible for the naked human eye to catch.  

A prior recall in 2018 involving the Camry was for leaky fuel system and involved 11,800 vehicles. The fuel pipes and hoses were improperly installed, creating a potential fire hazard. 

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