Why a Personal Injury Lawsuit Takes so Long

When a client considers filing a lawsuit, they often think about how long it will take. Clients’ expectations range from the lawsuit dragging on forever to thinking they will be immediately compensated. In truth, the length of a case can be affected by many things. You may decide to settle sooner for a lesser amount, but the exact compensation is not always the primary factor. Nonetheless, Fund Capital America will help you obtain legal funding in Los Angeles to get your case going.

The reasons your personal injury lawsuit may be taking longer than expected include:

1. You’re Seeking a Large Settlement

If you are expecting high compensation, there may be delays by the insurance company. The insurer may try to delay paying the settlement and even extend its own investigation. Your attorney’s goal is to convince them your injuries were caused by the accident, you are credible, and they don’t have a defense. Insurance companies often hope you’ll choose to settle quickly for a lower settlement amount.

2. Extended Medical Treatment

It may take time to complete medical treatment or recover from injuries. Until then, it may not be clear what the long-term medical costs may be, or how the accident has affected you. The sooner you heal, the sooner your lawyer can begin settlement negotiations. However, medical care can last months or years and you may not immediately know if you’ve reached your maximum level of medical improvement.

3. The Defendant Doesn’t Cooperate

Defendants don’t often admit making a mistake. They may resist negotiating while their insurance company might try to pin the liability on you. If liability is difficult to prove, then the insurance company probably won’t offer a reasonable settlement until they hear from your legal team. The company may even question your right to sue. Also, a defendant may delay their actions and not adhere to deadlines, further delaying progress.

4. There Are Additional Legal Problems

Defendants can do many things to delay a case. They may conceal important evidence, including documents that may prove liability, or deny their fault or involvement in events. Such behavior can create disputes over responsibility, damages, and the monetary value of your claim. If a physician isn’t sure whether your injuries are caused by the defendant’s negligence, one must be found who can make the connection and is willing to testify.

5. The Case Goes to Trial

A trial extends the time, hassle, and expenses of a case. It requires scheduling a court date and finding a judge to hear the case. A jury must be assembled as well, which must hear the evidence and decide upon exact compensation. And there’s always a chance the jury decides against you.

Many factors can prolong a lawsuit, but personal injury legal funding can give you a financial footing while your attorney builds your case. Legal funding is available to clients anywhere in California. Apply now or call Fund Capital America at 855-870-2274 to receive expert help.