A traumatic car accident can leave you with a mountain of debt; to top it off, car insurance companies almost always look to avoid paying what your claim is worth. It’s not like they can’t pay up. Look at the outrageous premiums customers pay and the amount of money insurers spend on advertising. An insurance company will still do all in its power to withhold as much cash as possible.

Here are the top 10 tricks they’ll attempt to mislead you:

Claim Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover the Accident

Your insurer may insist the accident was caused by a third party. And be careful of what you say. They’ll even manipulate your own words to justify putting the blame on you.

Watch Your Every Move

Once you file a claim, you may be secretly investigated. Car insurance companies may send out investigators to video tape your actions. This might reveal you performing activities that contradict your injury claim or violate your insurance policy.

Try to Minimize Your Injuries

Can you imagine an insurance adjuster giving you medical advice, or even a diagnosis? Chances are they have no medical experience. Your health is more important than anything, so don’t ever listen to them.

Be Slow to Act on Your Claim

Paying claims costs insurers money. You may find they ignore your claim, don’t respond to your call, or insist paperwork is still being processed. The goal is to get you to back out of the claim or accept a low settlement or, perhaps, you’ll die before it can be completed.

Demand Your Medical Records

Never release your medical records to an insurance company. Although insurers may sound like they care, they’re just looking for loopholes that justify reducing what they owe you. Always have a personal injury attorney’s advice before offering any information.

Ask You to Sign a Release as Part of an “Offer”

This “offer” is a release that frees them from future liabilities related to your injuries. Car insurance companies take advantage of vulnerable accident victims this way all the time. When you have medical bills and lost wages, your finances are already strained, so don’t fall for this ploy.

Get You to Admit Fault

You may find yourself coerced into admitting fault. Simply apologizing for the accident can be manipulated into an admission of guilt. If you feel threatened to falsely admit guilt, talk to your lawyer, even if you are at-fault.

Act Like They’re Your Friend

Your insurer adjuster is not your friend, no matter how nice they sound. They work for their employer, an insurance company that exists to make and save money. Their job entails tricking you to spend more money and find reasons to withhold as much as possible.

Demand a Recorded Statement

The adjuster may insist you’re legally obligated to provide a recorded statement. Not only is this false. It’s in your best interest to not comply. Inform them you need your attorney present. This reduces the chances your story will be manipulated, and your claim reduced or denied

Say There’s No Need for a Lawyer

An insurance adjuster never wants a lawyer involved. Attorneys are talented negotiators who can get insurance companies to maximize payouts. The settlement process can take time, but Fund Capital America can address this matter. We provide direct legal funding in Los Angeles with no out-of-pocket costs.

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