During a lawsuit, all relevant information must be available in a timely manner. Medical records contain vital details about a client’s case. Yet, obtaining these records directly from doctors, hospitals, or other providers can be delayed by hurdles such as red tape, privacy laws, and administrative backlogs. Here, we’ll look at why you should choose a medical records retrieval company to help with this important step.

Accelerated Workflow

Getting access to a medical record can take time, but at Fund Capital America, we guarantee a fast turnaround. We provide frequent, real-time updates, while the request process is simple and completely digital, so there’s no tedious paperwork. You can also view the status of your request at any time.

Guaranteed Privacy

A reputable medical records retrieval company will ensure the process is HIPPA compliant. The client’s privacy is always respected. Meanwhile, all information is securely encrypted so only those with authorized access or legal consent can see it. It’s also matched with patient ID data so the records received correspond with your request.

Connections with Medical Providers Nationwide

We can access medical records at any facility across the U.S. Our extensive connections allow our team to contact the appropriate provider and find the right people to ensure a speedy process. This ensures timely access to medical records, radiology reports, and billing information. Knowledgeable and reliable, our staff can identify the records most relevant to your case and fully honor your requests so your firm can focus on litigation.

Records Are Sorted and Summarized

Medical documents can add up to hundreds of pages. To save your firm time, we organize the documents we retrieve as well as provide summaries and chronologies. This reduces non-billable hours, so your team can work more efficiently during case reviews, depositions, mediation, or trial.

Requesting Records Is Easy

Medical records retrieval does not have to cost you time or test your patience. At Fund Capital America, it’s simple and straightforward. Once you retain authorization to request a client’s medical records on their behalf, you can fill out a request form via our portal. Pertinent authorization forms must be attached. We’ll get to work once you complete our online request forms, retrieving all necessary records while your firm concentrates on litigation.

Submit Your Medical Records Request with Fund Capital America

We use the latest software to obtain medical records quickly. Committed to helping your law firm gain speed and efficiency, we have a team of trained experts who know how to retrieve pertinent documents and records from the right sources. Our professionals are also knowledgeable about all the laws and regulations pertaining to medical information. You can expect the same quality of care as when requesting other law firm services or legal funding. 

To get started, apply online to submit your request for medical records retrieval, or call 855-870-2274 to learn more.