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Whether you heading down to the San Joaquin River or rushing to class at the University of the Pacific, accidents happen all the time. These accidents often lead to personal injuries that require medical treatment and lead to a litigation process. 

Unfortunately, it is rare that anyone is prepared for the toll an accident can have on both the victim and their attorney. It requires a lot of financing and a lot of time to receive the compensation you deserve.

Huntington Beach, California

Services We Provide

Fund Capital America recognizes the challenges of a litigation process and is prepared to support attorneys and their clients. We offer a variety of financing and law firm services to lighten the burdens and stress that come with settlement negotiations.

Oak Grove Regional Park is beautiful but piling bills are not. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may falling more and more behind on your bills as you receive treatment and battle your case in court. Fund Capital America provides the option of a cash advance on your settlement. This advance will help you access the compensation you deserve and ease the stresses of your financial obligations.

Insurance matters can be as complex as the history told by the San Joaquin County Historical Museum. Defendants don’t always provide the full information and attorneys are left to fish for it on their own. However, there is little time to do a full scale insurance investigation that provides petinent information for the case. To support your firm, we provide the following insurance research services: 

  • Personal Auto Limits
  • Personal Umbrella Policy Limits
  • Homeowner’s Policy Limits
  • Commercial Auto Policy Limits
  • Commercial Umbrella Policy Limits
  • Personal Auto Insurance Discovery
  • Homeowner’s Policy Existence
  • Commercial Insurance Discovery

Not every doctor or medical facility in Stockton will work with a patient who is facing a legal battle involving their personal injuries. To help narrow and speed up the search, we provide a directory complete with doctors and medical facilties that work on medical liens. These providers are some of the top ranked experts in personal injury and litigation processes.

Additionally, we offer a Doctor and Medical Facility Scheduling services provided by our highly professional and courteous staff. They will schedule appointments for your clients and facilitate the communication between the medical and legal offices. With the help of our concierge scheduling service, your experience with your litigation process will be as grand as the Haggin Museum

There are times when personal injuries are very extensive and require additional funding. We offer medical-legal financing options that help you cover medical, legal, and living expenses. The following are the cases that we support with our financing services: 

  • Personal Injury 
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Vehicular accidents of any kind (including hit & run)
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Tractor trailer accidents 
  • Burn Injuries
  • Construction Accidents
  • Dog Attacks
  • Electric Scooter Accidents 
  • Uber/Lyft Accidents
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

The costs in Stockton have been steadily increasing and running a legal firm has become even more expensive. Through Fund Capital America, you now have access to law firm banking that will help you fund as little or as many cases as you want. Doing so will prevent you from havig to invest your personal funds into the law practice. Additionally, you will be able to expand your practice to a wider population of personal injury cases.

If you’re a medial provider who cares for patients dealing with personal injuries and litigations in Stockton, you are probably familiar with the stresses that come with waiting for your portion of the settlement. Unfortunately, as you wait, overhead expenses of running a medical practice do not stop accumulating. 

With FCA, you have access to a Provider Banking option in which you can leverage your medical recievables for a pre settlement loan. This loan will provide you with the payment you deserve for your services. You will be able to stay on top of your expenses and expand your practices to more patients with personal injury cases.

The list of administrative tasks each law firm faces can be compared to the TSA lines at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. It is long, boring, but necessary to get to the next destination. Though we can’t do anything about airport lines, we can help you out with the administrative side of running your law practice. The following is a list of law firm services we provide: 

  • Demand letter writing
  • Propound written discovery
  • Deposition subpoenas 
  • Deposition summaries
  • Medical chronology summary
  • Medical record retrieval services
  • Police report subpoenas

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