A class action lawsuit, filed on behalf of a group of individuals or businesses having suffered common injuries/damages, can take two or more years to settle. The process includes oral arguments, class certification meetings, and a range of other litigation steps. While you wait for the case to conclude, class action lawsuit settlement funding provides an advance on your settlement so you have the cash you need now.

To obtain a settlement cash advance, you need to do the following:

Know the Strength of Your Case

Providing non-recourse funding (that you don’t pay back if your case loses) is a risk to lawsuit funding companies. The stronger your case, the more likely it is you’ll be approved for settlement funding. A class action lawsuit can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but the amount owed to each individual is often not enough to justify each person filing a lawsuit on their own. 

Class actions involve a single set of witnesses, experts, and documented issues so an attorney can find an effective route to recovery, while damages will be evenly distributed to all victims of the class action. Rather than filing multiple lawsuits, just one is needed, with one courtroom and one judge. This all boils down to the opportunity to create a solid case with a better chance of winning, and one you can receive a cash advance on.

Apply for Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Funding with a Lender

If your attorney agrees to this arrangement, you can apply for settlement funding with a provider. This is often a simple process in which you provide basic information. At Fund Capital America, our online application process takes just a few minutes. We review your application, call you to review the details, and discuss the case with your attorney. An offer is usually made within 24 hours, and you’re free to accept the full offer or a partial amount.

What Do I Need Pre-Settlement Funding For?

Your financial situation or credit status has nothing to do with being approved for lawsuit settlement funding. The cash advance can be used to cover rent or mortgage payments or the cost of tuition, medical care, or groceries. And the more serious your injury and the higher the value of the case, the more you might receive to cover your living expenses. Carefully review the options to make sure you choose the most affordable and practical solution.

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Funding Issues to Avoid

As you’re pursuing a class action lawsuit settlement advance, these are some situations you want to look out for:

Apply Today with Fund Capital America

We fund all types of injury-related lawsuits. If you’re awaiting a settlement or payment and must cover your bills and daily expenses, we can quickly approve the funding you need. It can be hard to predict when a case will settle. You don’t pay us back until you win; if your case loses, there’s no obligation to repay at all. To apply for lawsuit settlement funding, use our online form; for more information, call 855-870-2274 today.