Each year, millions of people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs. An encounter with a friendly-looking animal can turn into an attack that results in serious and even permanent injuries. The cost of medical bills and other expenses can leave one wondering how to afford an injury lawsuit. But with pre-settlement funding for dog bites, these costs can be covered until your case settles (especially if you’re bitten by an unprovoked dog).

The Financial Burden of Dog Bites

The attack is often over in an instant. However, sharp teeth, strong jaws, and the damage a dog bite can cause may have life-long effects. A single bite can lead to:

Permanent physical and mental harm is not uncommon. After an animal bite, legal funding can have many benefits. A victim can face many issues that take a financial toll; the impacts of a dog bite can include:

How to Obtain Dog Bite Accident Lawsuit Loans

Obtaining pre-settlement funding involves less red tape than securing a loan from a bank or creditor. But it’s not simple either. There are tight eligibility criteria. While there aren’t any upfront fees and you don’t pay the loan back if your case doesn’t win, the funding company will look at specific details, such as:

To apply for pre-settlement funding, you must have filed a personal injury lawsuit and retained a personal injury lawyer, and the funding company must be willing to fund your type of case.

Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding

Legal funding for pet attacks can be helpful while your settlement is pending. The dog owner’s insurance company may not make an offer that covers all your expenses. That’s why you need a lawyer to fight for you. This is worthwhile because pre-settlement funding can:

How Can I Win a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

To win a dog bite lawsuit, you must prove the dog owner is liable for your damages (assuming the dog was unprovoked). The owner is liable if they knew the dog was dangerous at the time of the attack. Some dogs are prone to biting and causing injuries. It’s the owner’s responsibility to maintain a level of control over the animal. Your attorney, depending on the circumstances, can argue the owner was negligent or unreasonably careless. 

Collecting as much evidence as possible, creating a strong argument, and strongly connecting your physical and emotional harm with the dog bite can help increase the odds of winning a case.

How Does Lawsuit Funding Differ from a Traditional Settlement Loan?

Lawsuit funding decisions are not determined by your creditworthiness or employment status. Once you receive funding, there are no upfront fees and no payment schedule. It is a non-recourse cash advance. This means repayment is based on when your attorney reaches a settlement. If your case doesn’t win, the funds aren’t paid back; when you receive a settlement, the principal, interest, and any fees are deducted before your attorney is paid and the remainder is deposited in your bank account. 

Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding for Dog Bites Today

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