If you have a pending personal injury claim but need surgery now, the financial stress can be massive. Fortunately, in the State of California, there are a few options you can pursue for medical debt relief, including medical liens and surgery funding. Read on to learn the differences between the two options so you can make an informed decision and get the care you need now without worrying about how to pay for it later. 

What Is a Medical Lien? 

A lien is a legal document that states you owe money, and it must be repaid as soon as possible. Medical provider liens are put forth by the hospital or healthcare provider to ensure they get paid first when you receive your settlement. Thanks to the California Hospital Lien Act, you can get the medical care you need but you’ll owe payment to the hospital and other care providers. 

Medical lien funding is a type of financing available to people who have been injured in an accident. A funding agency can step in as the middleman between you and the healthcare provider. They’ll purchase the lien from them with your settlement payment used as collateral. When your settlement is reached, you repay the funding agency. This is often a good option for people not covered by medical insurance.

What is Surgery Funding? 

Surgery funding is for personal injury victims who can’t afford to pay for their surgery out-of-pocket. It’s another type of medical bill assistance, providing you with the money you need to make ends meet and pay your bills while your case is ongoing.

Surgery funding gives you the ability to choose between a wider range of healthcare options. The funding can cover the costs not only of the surgery itself, but aftercare, medication, and more. This is especially helpful to those without insurance or those whose medical bills exceed their personal auto policy limits

FCA’s surgery funding may allow you to cover all your costs until your settlement is reached. To find out if you’re eligible, submit an online application. Based on the details of your case, we’ll review your submission and let you know if we can help. 

Medical Lien Funding vs. Pre-Settlement Funding

A medical lien can be viewed as a demand for repayment placed on your personal injury settlement from a doctor or hospital. If you lose your personal injury case but have a medical lien, your healthcare provider may send your bills to collections or discontinue your care. Your medical funding agency steps in with lien negotiation services to ensure your medical expenses continue to be paid while you await settlement. 

Pre-settlement medical funding is different from a medical lien. You’re provided an advance based on your expected settlement compensation, not based on your medical costs. After the funding specialist reviews your case, they’ll offer based on what they believe you’ll receive once it’s settled. If you agree, they may provide you with risk-free, same-day funding.  

FCA doesn’t do credit checks or ask for upfront costs or down payments. All money repaid to us comes from your court case settlement. 

Which Option Is Right for You?

Medical liens are a good option for people without health insurance who are unable to pay for their pressing medical care needs. This binding agreement ensures you’ll get the care you need while guaranteeing the medical provider payment as you await compensation. 

Surgery funding may be the best choice for you if you want treatment from a non-lien-based doctor or specialist, prefer more control over your medical care and aftercare, or don’t have the best credit history.

Contact Fund Capital America Today

If you live in California and are considering using an attorney lien to pay for costs associated with your medical care, consider speaking to an associate at Fund Capital America. If approved for surgery funding, you won’t have to accept a medical lien on your settlement. 

We take the stress out of paying for your much-needed procedures so you can get the care you need faster. We serve all cities in the Golden State, including Chula Vista, Oakland, Fontana, Lancaster, Long Beach, LA, and San Francisco. 

Call FCA today at (855) 870-2274 or use our online form to contact our associates. We can pre-qualify you for medical bill funding or other financial assistance in minutes. 

Additional Resources and FAQ

How does a medical lien affect my personal injury settlement?

Depending on how you arranged your healthcare provider funding, your lien may be taken out of your settlement funds before you receive it. This affects the amount of money you get once the case is settled. 

Can I negotiate the terms of a medical lien agreement?

In many cases, you can negotiate the terms of your medical lien. It’s recommended that you negotiate your lien before the settlement date, as this makes the process easier. While negotiation can be daunting, you may be able to reduce the amount of medical treatment funding you have to pay. 

What happens if I can’t pay off the medical lien after my case settles?

If you’ve received medical receivables financing with a lien, but the case doesn’t cover the full amount owed, you may be on the hook for the remainder. The care provider may send your bills to collections if you can’t pay, and they could also stop care completely. 

Are there any alternatives to medical liens for paying for medical treatment?

Along with lien funding provided by your personal injury attorney’s office, options for paying for medical treatment include taking out a personal loan, crowdfunding, or waiting for the settlement to clear. This is when litigation medical funding is useful. 

How do I qualify for surgery funding?

If you’ve been the victim of an accident and have a pending personal injury lawsuit but need money now, you may be eligible for personal injury medical funding from FCA. Call us today or fill out our online application form, and we’ll contact you right away to get the ball rolling. 

How much funding can I receive for my surgery?

It depends on the facts of your case. If you choose Fund Capital America for your surgery funding, you may be able to receive up to $100,000 directly in your bank account within days. 

What types of surgeries are typically covered by surgery funding?

FCA’s surgery funding covers back or spinal surgery, herniated disc repair/removal, burn and scar treatment, amputation, bone fracture surgery, plastic surgery, oral surgery, and surgery on your neck or shoulders. We may also cover the cost of radiology services, dental care, rehabilitation, and prescription medications.