During a lawsuit, the plaintiff’s personal auto policy limits are important to the case, but what if your medical bills exceed these limits? Can you still get legal funding? At Fund Capital America, our team can research details about insurance policies. These can help your attorney value your case so you can apply for pre-settlement legal funding.

In a car accident, seeking medical care is your main priority. When the other party is at fault for the accident, their insurance should cover your medical bills. However, every policy has limits. If they don’t cover all your expenses, your attorney will look to other resources to obtain full compensation from the defendant or another insurance policy if they have one.

Can I Still Be Approved for Legal Funding?

Whether your medical bills exceed personal auto policy limits is not a factor in approving your application for legal funding. The merit of your case is the determining factor. If you’ve been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, have hired a lawyer, and filed a lawsuit, legal funding is an option. Once you apply, we’ll speak to your attorney, gather the facts of your case, and determine how much to offer. Your future settlement is the collateral for your lawsuit cash advance.

How Do I Sue If My Bills Exceed Policy Limits?

You can sue for more than the policy limit. Instead, it’s possible to demand the total amount of your damages. Whether this adds up to more or less than what the insurer will pay doesn’t restrict you from suing or getting legal funding. There are several options available, including:

Your attorney can investigate all these potential resources for compensation and include them when determining the value of your case. Once they can estimate what your case is worth, you can apply for legal funding.

Can Suing for a Defendant’s Property Increase My Legal Funding?

At-fault drivers have legal rights to protect certain property when their personal auto policy limits don’t cover all a plaintiff’s expenses. A primary home and primary vehicle are typically exempt. But even if the defendant owns a vacation home or other non-essential property, the process of suing for it is complex. 

However, you can’t force them to sell real estate right away. Only when it’s voluntarily sold would you have access to the funds, and that’s only after other lienholders are paid. It’s easier to seize cars, trucks, or boats, but other authorities will get a percentage of the sale before you see any proceeds. Obtaining legal funding to cover your expenses now is much easier.

When Can I Apply for Legal Funding

You can apply for legal funding if you have a lawsuit, retained an attorney, and are awaiting a settlement. You can do so even if your medical bills exceed insurance policy limits. At Fund Capital America, we can help discover the types of coverage the defendant has so your attorney can work on obtaining the compensation you deserve. 

Apply for Legal Funding Today

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and have filed a lawsuit, you can apply for legal funding. It doesn’t matter if your medical bills exceed personal auto policy limits. We have a simple, paperless process and can approve you for a non-recourse cash advance within 24 hours. You owe nothing back unless your case wins; there are no out-of-pocket costs or hidden fees. Apply online today. To learn more, call (855) 870-2274.