Knowing How Much Settlement Funding Your Client Needs

California Pre-Settlement Funding Experts

If you practice personal injury litigation, you may face this situation often: your client and their family live paycheck to paycheck and they were just in a major accident that left them seriously injured. They are unable to go back to work, meaning it’s anyone’s best guess as to how they will pay their bills while you work towards reaching a settlement.

Many such injured clients will seek some form of lawsuit cash advance to cover these expenses until such time as their claim is resolved.

Exactly how much pre-settlement funding your client can receive from FCA Legal Funding is in part determined by you and the client. Your expertise is required in evaluating how strong your client’s claim is and how likely it is that you will be able to obtain an agreeable settlement for them. Further, you will need to estimate how detrimental it could be to your case if you were to settle early versus letting the claim take its course.

How much funding can your client receive?

As the client’s legal representation, you can get a sense of how much funding they will need by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  • The amount of your client’s monthly living expenses, medical bills, or other financial obligations
  • An acceptable amount of funding to receive which will adequately sustain them while leaving some funds for when the case settles
  • Whether the defendant or their insurer has assumed any liability
  • Whether the value of the case supports the amount of funding they are requesting

Because the funding amount is based only on the strength of your case, there is no need to have your client’s credit or income checked. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached for some reason, your client is not responsible for repaying us—FCA assumes all the liability. Since we assume all the risk, we tend to be judicious with the cases we deem to be suitable for legal funding.

FCA Legal Funding Offers Lawsuit Cash Advances for all of California

FCA Legal Funding works closely with attorneys and their injured clients to forward them the cash they need to cover their basic expenses for the lifetime of their injury claim. Our settlement funding process is simply and quick—we can get your clients up to $100,000 within 48 of their filling out of a form.

If you or your clients have questions about how legal funding works, don’t hesitate to contact FCA Legal Funding at (310) 424-5176!