Personal injury cases involve many uncertainties, including how long it will take to reach a settlement. There is no definitive answer no matter how good your personal injury attorney is. Financial strain and other pressures can lead you to settle early, for less, but this means not getting the compensation you deserve. Lowball insurance offers can have the same result.

Why Your Case May Be Moving Slower Than Expected

Factors that can slow down your case include:

Your case may not go as planned if important evidence isn’t available, you were partially at fault for the accident, or the other side has enough funding to wait, while your resources are depleted.

Car accident cases are especially hard to predict. They often involve serious injuries that take weeks, months, or years to heal. Investigations, inquiries, and negotiations by insurance companies factor in as well.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Filing your complaint is only one piece of the puzzle. If you file a lawsuit, a copy of the complaint must be served to the defendant. In extreme cases, it can take months to track them down. The defendant then has a month to file an answer to your complaint, depending on the court, and then discovery can begin. During this phase, both parties request and exchange information, which can take several months.

Should there be a trial, the results can be appealed by the plaintiff or defendant. Plus, there are several levels of appeals permitted. Even one appeal can delay a settlement by years.

Getting Your Check

Collection is a whole other beast. Even if your case succeeds, collection of the judgement can take time. How long this takes depends on whether the settlement involves a lump sum or installment payments, among several other factors. Court dates and the case load in your jurisdiction can affect the length of your case and the time it takes to receive your check.

To get your personal injury settlement check, you must:

At the very least, you can expect a personal injury case to take six months. Most likely it will take over a year from filing your claim to receiving your settlement.

Get Compensated Sooner with Pre-Settlement Funding

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