Look to Fund Capital America

If you were injured in an accident and need cash to pay rent, buy groceries, and cover medical expenses, the last thing they want is for their legal funding to get bogged down with time-consuming hassles like paperwork and poor logistics.

Fund Capital America is set up to eliminate most of these roadblocks to getting pre-settlement funds. Other agencies require all documents to be notarized prior to the funding to be disbursed which can take several days, further burdening plaintiffs financially. Notarization only adds another task for attorneys (who may or may not have a notary on staff) and law firms to manage in the midst of handling often-contentious injury claims.

Facilitating Your Lawsuit Funding

In contrast, Fund Capital America removes such impediments to recovering a lawsuit cash advance by using a totally paperless process. The initial form is submitted online at our site, Fund Capital America, and all documents can be signed electronically. Without the need to have paperwork notarized, time and costs are reduced to facilitate injured clients obtain the cash they need.

Eliminating hassles means you can focus on getting your life back together after being seriously injured. A paperless process means you get your cash advance in hours rather than weeks.

Need to pay your bills? Unable to work after an accident? Contact Fund Capital America today at (855) 870-274!