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Driving and sleepiness is a fatal combination. Many people might know the dangers of driving after alcohol, but not many people realize the dangers associated with drowsy driving.

Just like alcohol, drowsiness also decreases your awareness, impairs judgment, slows down your reaction time, and significantly increases the chances of crashing. According to the NSF (National Sleep Foundation), almost 60% people drive while sleepy and 37% admit that they have fallen asleep while driving in the past year.
One of the biggest reasons behind such a reckless behavior is the fact that people cannot tell if they are drowsy enough to fall asleep. And even if they realize the sleepiness, they think they can handle that and will be fine – which is actually not the case majority of times!
In this way, they not only put their own lives in danger but also others’.

Who is at risk?

The prevalence of sleep-related accidents is much higher among younger people and shift workers. Drowsy driving of youngsters is the most frequent reason for deadly crashes on highways. As the President of American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), Nathaniel Watson states:

Sleep is very important to health and with that one must also take care of his/her diet and daily exercise routine. She added that as per their consensus panel, sleeping only a few hours such as six hours every night is not at all an adequate sleep pattern to sustain health as well as safety. Therefore, adults are required to take minimum 8 hours of peaceful sleep to stay healthy and mentally fresh while behind the wheel.

As a responsible society, we have come to a consensus about drunk driving and consider it an unacceptable (that is, illegal) behavior. But we must not overlook the ever-present dangers of drowsy sleeping which is as deadly as drunk driving. While many people avoid driving after a drink or two, they don’t think twice before getting behind the wheel when they are feeling drowsy.

Perhaps what lies behind our acceptance of drowsy driving is that it is difficult to accurately gauge our sleepiness. In such situations, people underestimate the fatigue while overestimating their ability to focus.

Signs of Drowsy Driving

If you cannot evaluate your own drowsiness before you plan to move your vehicle, you should consider the following signs which clearly show that you are not alert enough to drive:

Remember, your negligence lays ground for a lawsuit, and people involved in a crash resulting from drowsy driving face lawsuits quite often. So think hard before you choose to drive if you are experiencing the symptoms listed above.

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