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Chula Vista Pre Settlement Funding

Personal injuries are often difficult and lengthy. Injuries cause clients to be under undue physical and financial stress as they seek medical attention and pay for legal services. Fund Capital America provides financing services for all parties involved in the case. Whether you are the client, attorney, or medical provider, we have financing options available to help you thrive during an ongoing settlement.

Services We Provide

Whether you get injured at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center or in a car accident, chances are that you end up in lawsuit for compensation of your injuries. As await for the settlement, your life will carry on and bills will continue to come in.

Fund Capital America has cash advance services available for San Diego residents who find themselves in such predicaments. After a quick application process and review of your case, Fund Capital America will provide a cash advance against you settlement to help fund your life while you seek justice. This will alleviate your financial burden and give your attorney the chance to fight for the best possible settlement.

Fund Capital America has a team of highly trained experts in insurance research services. With their help, you will be able to get your hands on the best insurance policy for your needs. Our experts are versed in policies, terms, and conditions and have all the resources to set you up with the best insurance plan with the best rates.
Personal injury cases are puzzles that normally have a lot of pieces and medical treatment is one of those pieces. One of those puzzles involves medical examination and treatment. The challenge with the medical side of a legal case is that not all doctors and medical facilities are willing to work with a patient waiting on a settlement.
The search for a provider will end up as long as the trails at Bayside Park. Because of this, we compiled a directory of doctors and medical facilities who work on medical liens. This directory will be at your fingertips for you to refer your clients for their medical care. Each provider is thoroughly screened and is a top expert in the medical field.
In addition to the medical directory, we also offer a Concierge Scheduling service which consists of first-class administrative professionals who will schedule and facilitate the medical appointments for your client. This will alleviate a significant portion of stress for both the client and their attorney as they negotiate for the best settlement.

Lawsuits are expensive and very lengthy. Regardless of your role in any given lawsuits, whether you’re a legal client, lawyer, or provider treating an injured patient, Fund Capital America will provide medical-legal financing for your case.

There are times when it seems that lawsuits drag out to be as long as the San Diego’s history detailed by the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center. Many attorneys feel obligated to use their personal expenses to fund the expenses of their law firms as they await a settlement as a result. However, with Fund Capital America, this isn’t necessary at all.

Fund Capital America offers law firms banking and financing options so they can stay afloat and thrive while representing various cases in court. This will give law firms the freedom to fight for justice on their client’s behalf without feeling pressured to settle for the first available settlement option. Having a financing option available, law firms will also be able to expand their practice and welcome more clients with personal injury cases.

Providers who treat patients who are often waiting on a court settlement face a similar situation as the attorneys. The longer the case takes to settle, the more potential they have to fallback on overhead expenses. For this reason, Fund Capital America is offering provider banking services. Through these services, providers will have the option to take out medical leins against their medical recievables and fund those ongoing expenses.
This financing option will allow providers to continue doing what they do best – treating patients and helping them live healthier lives. It will also give them the option to expand their practice to more patients who incur personal injuries.

Fund Capital America understands the demanding schedule and obligataions of attorneys and is prepared to support them with their services. Fund Capital America has a team of professional experts who have extensive knowledge and experience with the requirements of the court. They will support your law firm by taking off the following menial tasks off your hands:

  • Demand letter writing
  • Propound written discovery
  • Deposition subpoenas
  • Deposition summaries
  • Medical chronology summary
  • Medical record retrieval services
  • Police report subpoena

Finishing Thoughts

Regardless of your role in a law settlement, Fund Capital America is prepared to support you with the financing and law firm services you require. Contact us today to learn more about how you can access the pre settlement funding you need as you wait for the court’s ruling on your case.

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Our staff will contact you to have a brief phone call and review your submission.
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Get an Offer

Within 24 hours, we will make you an offer. If acceptable to you, we will email you your contract with all terms for your review. You can decide how much funding you need, and close within 24 hours.

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The legal funding process in California is simple: the complainant, or injured party, contacts FCA Legal Funding for financial assistance with paying their expenses while unable to work. The latter would then request detailed case documentation from the complainant’s attorney. The entire process is paperless.
Once all the information is gathered, it is carefully reviewed by FCA Legal Funding to determine the viability of the case. Once approved, a drafted agreement is sent to the complainant and their attorney. During the process, the funds are sent to be used as needed by the applicant.

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