A structured settlement, also known as a structured settlement annuity, enables a personal injury plaintiff to receive the proceeds of their compensation as a series of smaller payments over time, instead of as a lump sum. Periodic installments are not subject to income tax. The idea is to provide long-term financial security to someone who […]


“Gross negligence” is a term often used in legal cases. To prove a party’s negligence, it must be shown they had a duty to take precautions to protect you under the circumstances, breached that legal duty, caused injury by some action/inaction, and this directly caused you harm. These four elements are required to file a […]

Does a Pre-Settlement Loan Charge Interest?

What’s often referred to as a pre-settlement  loan isn’t like a traditional loan. You don’t pay it back unless you win, and you pay nothing out of pocket. The cash advance is paid back out of the proceeds of your settlement. But like a loan, pre-settlement funding companies do charge interest and an origination fee. […]

Is Pre-Settlement Funding Right For Me?

When you file a lawsuit, it can take months or years to reach a settlement. Meanwhile, you may be depending on the proceeds you’ll receive for damages, especially if it’s a personal injury or wrongful death case. A pre-settlement contingent cash advance can lessen the financial strain. Unlike a loan, it’s not paid back if […]

What is Post-Settlement Funding?

Being awarded damages by a court can take a while. By now, you’ve been dealing with a case, not to mention possible injuries and expenses related to an accident, for some time. Just because you’re now entitled to compensation, doesn’t mean you’ll receive the money anytime soon. That’s where post-settlement funding comes in. If you […]

How Long Does a Settlement Take?

Plaintiffs in a personal injury case often ask, “How long does a settlement take?” Being in a hurry to settle the case often means being awarded fewer damages. You can get a larger settlement amount by letting your attorney fight for your rights. But this can take a little time. Settlement funding can cover your […]

How to Get an Out of Court Settlement

Litigation and court trials are expensive. Parties in a lawsuit often agree to an out of court settlement to resolve their dispute and save money, time…

Coronavirus Leads to Increase in Demand for Lawyers & Legal Funding

As coronavirus has spread across the nation, employers have been forced to close, causing financial hardship for millions. State and local governments have limited social gatherings, restricted restaurants to delivery and take-out only, and enforced stay-at-home orders during the pandemic. There’s also another impact of COVID-19—an increase in demand for lawyers, legal services, and legal […]