Can I Apply for Litigation Loans If I Don’t Have Credit?

Litigation loans no credit

Litigation loans provide a quick way to cover expenses if you have a pending case. They also don’t require a credit check, as the cash advance is backed by the settlement funds you expect to receive in the future. You’re essentially borrowing from yourself. Continue reading to learn more about how non-recourse legal funding works […]

How to Get Financial Assistance After a Car Accident

financial assistance after a car accident

It’s not uncommon for car accident victims to need financial assistance. The cost of medical care alone can be financially overwhelming, on top of vehicle repair bills and routine expenses like rent and utilities. If you’ve hired a lawyer and have a case, there’s no telling when you’ll receive money from a settlement. But legal […]

Can I Get a Same-Day Accident Loan Before Filing a Lawsuit?

same-day accident loan

Getting a same-day accident loan can be challenging if your lawsuit hasn’t been filed. Lawsuit loans are cash advances for plaintiffs who expect compensation from a future legal settlement or judgment (from which the borrowed cash will be paid back). However, if you’ve retained an attorney, you may be eligible to receive legal funding. How […]

Can Pending Lawsuit Loans Strengthen My Case?

pending lawsuit loan

A pending lawsuit loan is a type of cash advance. It can cover living expenses, medical bills, and other costs. Best of all, you don’t owe the lender anything out-of-pocket; the advance is backed by the proceeds of your future settlement and only repaid if your case wins. These non-recourse loans are convenient, but do […]

Must I Wait for a Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement to Get Money?

Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement

Personal injury clients often wonder how to get money while waiting for a settlement. The purpose of a lawsuit and settlement is to get compensated for injuries, property damage, and other losses. But this compensation usually doesn’t come before medical bills, rent, or utilities are due. Nevertheless, you need not wait for your personal injury […]

Are Loans for Attorney Fees Available If I Already Have Legal Funding?

Loans for Attorney Fees

Chances are, you don’t have the budget to pay a lawyer upfront. Personal injury lawsuits are expensive. A lawsuit cash advance can help you get by until the case concludes, but settlement funding isn’t always enough. If you’ve already received legal funding, loans for attorney fees and other costs may be available to you. Do […]

How to Streamline Discovery for Auto Insurance Claims

Discovery for Auto Insurance Claims

During a personal injury lawsuit, discovery can take a significant amount of time. But discovery for auto insurance claims is a crucial part of an accident case. After all, the at-fault party’s insurance carrier usually pays for damages. Fund Capital America provides insurance discovery services to save time and energy, whether in receiving immediate healthcare […]

Do I Qualify for Class Action Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding?

Class Action Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding

Class action lawsuits can be complex and are known for being lengthy. With pre-settlement funding, you can get a cash advance on your future settlement award. It avoids having to wait months or years for a legal case to conclude. Learn if you qualify for class action lawsuit pre-settlement funding that can cover lost income, […]

Lawsuit Discovery and Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

Lawsuit Discovery and Car Insurance

After a car accident, a lawsuit against a negligent driver is intended to obtain a settlement from their insurance company. An important part of any lawsuit is discovery; the car insurance policy of the defendant is reviewed and analyzed to determine if your damages are covered and how much you can get paid. The discovery […]

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