Can I Get a Same-Day Pre-Settlement Loan?

Settling a personal injury case can take time, but receiving a pre-settlement loan doesn’t have to. Your rent, mortgage, or medical bills can’t wait years (or even days) to get paid. Fortunately, your expenses can be covered when you receive a same-day pre-settlement loan. We’ll now explain how the process works. How Do I Get […]

Tips to Compare Pre-Settlement Funding and Other Options

compare pre-settlement funding

You’ve been injured and have filed a personal injury lawsuit. An accident has left you unable to work for the next few months and, to make matters worse, the litigation process is moving along at a snail’s pace. Fortunately, lawsuit cash advances can provide the cash you need now, backed by the proceeds of your […]

Can I Get Pre-Settlement Funding Without My Attorney’s Consent?

pre-settlement funding without your attorney’s consent

At Fund Capital America, we can offer a pre-settlement cash advance to cover your expenses while your personal injury settlement is pending. We understand you may be unable to work and are struggling financially. Pre-settlement funding helps you carry forward, but what is your attorney’s role in this? Can you obtain pre-settlement funding without your […]

What Does It Mean to Propound Written Discovery?

propounding written discovery

The task of propounding written discovery is familiar to any attorney. It requires a seemingly endless amount of paperwork. Sorting through, completing, and filing all these required materials can be a burden on your firm’s staff. But your client is depending on you to compile all the evidence needed to defend their case. At Fund […]

When to Consider a Loan for Legal Funding

compare pre-settlement funding

Legal funding loans have become a hot topic in recent years. While navigating a lawsuit can be costly, having the cash upfront can make pursuing a personal injury settlement easier. Your attorney can work to obtain a higher amount of compensation for your losses. But what’s often referred to as a loan isn’t a loan […]

Can I Get Social Security Pre-Settlement Funding?

Social security pre-settlement funding

There can be some impact of pre-settlement funding on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Whether you’re working with an attorney to get maximum benefits or are concerned a personal injury settlement can affect your SSDI benefits, Fund Capital America is here to help. Please continue with our social security […]

How Do I Refinance a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

A lawsuit cash advance is a financial solution that can benefit personal injury clients struggling to pay medical, legal, and daily living expenses. While they may be entitled to a settlement payout, reaching a settlement and receiving the proceeds can take months or years. A cash advance covers their expenses and is paid back later […]

Can I Cash a Settlement Check via Direct Deposit?

The check from your settlement has finally arrived. Wouldn’t it be convenient to deposit the money directly into your bank account? However, it’s not that simple to cash a settlement check with direct deposit. To explain, let’s look at what happens when your attorney receives your settlement check. They will first deduct a portion of […]

What Are Policy Limits?

An important step in a personal injury case is to research insurance policy limits. Obtaining all the details on a client’s policy limits can be time-consuming for attorneys. At Fund Capital America, we provide insurance discovery services so you can focus on more important tasks. Now, we will explain what policy limits are and their […]

Benefits of a Professional Police Report Retrieval Service

One of the first steps after an accident is to submit a police report. A police officer at the scene will do this automatically. The challenge comes when you need a copy of the police report for your client’s case. Requesting one can take time and requires filling out forms, paying fees, and making phone […]