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Don’t Let Debt Pile Up: Discover Financial Relief While Your Case is Pending

Financial Relief While Your Case is Pending

If you’ve experienced a personal injury, you’re likely dealing with pain, suffering, and emotional distress. The last thing you need to worry about is your finances while you heal. Unfortunately, a personal injury may come with high medical costs and cause you to miss work and other earning opportunities. Read on to learn about settlement […]

Beyond the Police Report: How Private Investigators Strengthen Your Case

Private Investigators Strengthen Your Case

A police report is often one of the first documents reviewed in a personal injury case. It offers an overview of the incident but it’s often insufficient for creating a compelling case. To adequately explain the extent of damages and place liability, you need thorough evidence and investigative measures.  Hiring a private investigator can strengthen […]

Uncovering the Truth: Multilingual Investigations for Personal Injury Cases

Multilingual Investigations for Personal Injury Cases

When dealing with a personal injury claim, the last thing you need is language barriers impacting the strength of your case. Clear communication is essential to building your case, gathering evidence, testifying in court, and understanding the outcome.  Multilingual investigations ensure that you understand every step of your legal proceedings and receive the maximum compensation […]

Medical Liens vs. Surgery Funding: Which Option Is Right for You?

Medical Liens vs. Surgery Funding

If you have a pending personal injury claim but need surgery now, the financial stress can be massive. Fortunately, in the State of California, there are a few options you can pursue for medical debt relief, including medical liens and surgery funding. Read on to learn the differences between the two options so you can […]

Effective Policy Limit Searches: Strategies for Finding Hidden Policy Coverage

finding hidden insurance policies

Whether you’ve experienced a vehicle collision at the fault of another driver or an injury from a company’s products or services, having all the information is crucial for optimizing your personal injury claim. Finding hidden policy coverage using insurance research strategies, specialized liability limit tracing tools, and expert legal assistance can help you get the […]

Can You Consolidate Lawsuit Loans? What You Need to Know

consolidate lawsuit loans

If you’ve taken out multiple lawsuit loans to cover your expenses while awaiting a settlement, you may be overwhelmed with the various terms, interest rates, and payment schedules. Some borrowers combat this by consolidating lawsuit loans and combining them into one payment. While consolidation can be beneficial, there are risks to watch out for. Keep […]

Expand Your Caseload with Confidence: Lawsuit Funding for Law Firms

lawsuit funding for law firms

Like any business, legal practices require financial resources. Expenses like utilities, rent, and staff wages need to come from somewhere, but you don’t want to pay out-of-pocket if you can help it.  Fund Capital America may be the solution for your needs. FCA provides lawsuit funding for law firms, available for any personal injury case […]

Effective Insurance Discovery: Tips for Uncovering Policy Limits

effective insurance discovery

When a patient receives a medical service or a client files a personal injury claim, lawyers and healthcare providers alike need to know the total insurance coverage available. Insurance discovery helps to reveal the hidden coverage and hard-to-uncover policy information that isn’t readily available to those searching for it. With advanced technology, we can search […]

Can I Get Settlement Funding for a Trucking Accident Lawsuit?

commercial truck accident

Trucking accident lawsuits typically involve plaintiffs seeking large settlements to cover major injuries or wrongful death. They can be quite complicated as different parties and laws may be involved, further prolonging the case. You can receive pre-settlement funding for truck injury cases, but first, your attorney must collect evidence, gather all the facts, and prepare […]

Can I Apply for a Mass Transit Injury Settlement Loan?

Mass Transit Injury Settlement Loan

Any bus accident victim may qualify for a mass transit injury settlement loan. If you or a loved one in Los Angeles has been injured in a city bus crash, legal funding can help you deal with the financial hardship caused by the accident.  Los Angeles has a large mass transit system with nearly 1,900 […]

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