Personal injury cases can be prolonged and challenging, but there are various incentives, such as lawyers working on a contingency fee basis and legal funding. Did you know you can obtain pre-settlement funding for a civil case too? Your lawsuit doesn’t have to involve a personal injury claim, auto accident, or particularly egregious act.

You can seek financial compensation from any individual or party that wronged you in some manner. With any lawsuit, it can take time for your lawyer to put together a case and negotiate with the insurance company. They may also have to present your case in court. The litigation process has several stages, so receiving the financial compensation you are entitled to can take time.

Civil Cases In Which You Can Receive Pre-Settlement Funding

Here are some types of cases in which you can receive a cash advance on your future settlement:

Why Should I Receive Funding for a Civil Case?

Pre-settlement funding gives you the ability to follow through with a lawsuit. Many civil suits can take a while to settle. One reason is companies work with skilled legal professionals, so filing a lawsuit can be complicated. If you’re not working, it can be hard to come up with the money to pay the rent, let alone hire an attorney. A pre-settlement cash advance can help you make ends meet until a settlement can be reached.

For the most part, pre-settlement advances are non-recourse. This means the lender is paid back only when your case wins. Otherwise, you have no obligation to repay. Your attorney also benefits because they now have a client who is motivated and can afford to proceed with a lawsuit.

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