The California Lawsuit Loan Alternative

Plaintiffs are often overwhelmed in the wake of being seriously injured and without any legal background, they are typically unsure what to do next. They may be shocked and dispirited when they learn that the average injury claim can take upwards of two years to be resolved. This realization can cause no little consternation over how medical and other bills will get paid.

This is the perfect opportunity to try and manage your clients’ stress by informing them of how California pre-settlement funding can be a big help for their current situation.

A Risk-Free Way of Covering Expenses

Your injured clients often soon find they are unable to even pay their rent if they are unable to work—to say nothing of their medical costs associated with their treatment, which can reach many thousands of dollars.

Put simply, settlement funding is the process of forwarding your injured client an advance on their settlement package before you finalize the legal process. This can get your client back on their feet financially without requiring them to submit to a credit check, income verification, or put down any form of collateral. Instead, the cash advance hinges on the strength of your client’s case.

How do I obtain pre-settlement funding for my client?

The process is quite simple, considering how life-changing the aftereffect can be for your clients. Because settlement funding can be used for any expenses, lawsuit cash advances can be a substantial boon to the injured.

The first step is to determine just how much your client, the plaintiff, will require to cover their living expenses.

Next, you or your client will need to fill out and submit a settlement funding request at

Finally, the application will be reviewed and, if approved, funds will be disbursed to the plaintiff within 48 hours of submitting the application.

You and your client can rest assured that all risk will be assumed by Fund Capital America, specifically that if the case is lost, there is no obligation for either you or the plaintiff to repay us.

Do your client and yourself a favor by informing them of the considerable benefits pre-settlement funding offers the injured. Fund Capital America can make the difference between your client paying their rent and food costs or not if they are seriously injured in an accident.

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