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Being seriously injured in an accident of any kind can be life-altering. You could be left struggling to fully recover for years, if full recovery is even a possibility. All this worry can be a severe strain on your emotions and your family as you wrestle with how to move forward with your life. While to some degree accidents are a part of life, you deserve to have someone help you navigate the process that follows.

First Things First: See a Doctor

You should first seek out medical attention for your injuries after being in an accident. Although this may be your natural reaction to being hurt, you should keep in mind that your interactions with medical personnel can have a sizable impact on your injury claim. Your best bet is to hold on to copies of any paperwork related to any medical treatment you may have received as a result of the accident.

Retain an injury lawyer as soon as possible. Especially if you have been unable to work from your injuries, have expensive medical bills, and serious injuries, you would be better served having an attorney rather than attempting to represent yourself. A good lawyer usually isn’t hard to find either—compare lawyers who practice personal injury law on the basis of their experience, reputation, and awards and recognition.

Once you decide on an attorney, they will want to know everything they can about your accident in order to have the best chances of recovering what you deserve. How, when, and where it happened should all be incorporated into your case. Be honest and upfront with your attorney: they’re on your side so help them do the best job they can.

What follows is the negotiation stage in which your lawyer considers the best course of action vis-à-vis obtaining compensation for you. They will take all the details of your case into consideration before filing a lawsuit or making a demand of the other attorney.

Settlements & Mediation

After the lawsuit is filed, an injury claim can take a year or more to make it to trial. This lengthy procedure can encourage both sides to reach a settlement earlier. If the attorneys are unable to settle the case themselves and still wish to avoid going to trial, they may attempt mediation whereby a third-party lawyer will arbitrate the case to try and find an acceptable settlement.

While you are in the middle of the legal process, you still have medical and other everyday life expenses to pay for which can be difficult if you are unable to work because of your injury. Call Fund Capital America and we can approve you and extend a money offer in less than two days. The process is easy, and we get repaid through your lawyer once your case is over.

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