Suing Uber for injuries and damages caused by a rideshare accident is notoriously difficult. Uber accident lawsuits are so difficult to navigate because of the company’s business structure and complex insurance policy. Many factors protect the company, but don’t help the victims of accidents caused by Uber vehicles, because:

As challenging as this business structure makes it to sue Uber, the company does cover passengers with $1 million in commercial liability insurance, per ride. Insurance coverage requirements are also set by California Law. Contingent coverage of $50,000/$100,000/$25,000 is provided by Uber between trips. However, drivers who use multiple ridesharing apps at once can complicate matters.

To recover damages, you do not have to be a passenger. The driver’s insurance policy may cover other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists injured by an Uber vehicle.

How Does Uber Work?

Uber is highly competitive with other ride-sharing companies, such as Lyft. It enables passengers to connect with its transportation services using a proprietary smartphone app. Users make a request and the closest available driver receives a notification of the request and the person’s location.

The company has minimized expenses, so it can offer cheap rates. It does not pay for gas and drivers are paid by passengers. Profits are therefore maximized, a model that also extends to Uber’s insurance and legal liability to passengers injured in accidents.

Why Hire an Attorney Specialized in Uber Accidents?

Uber has a powerful insurance provider on its side. Accident experts, investigators, and a host of other professionals are skilled at fighting your claim and serving only their interests. An experienced attorney can provide aggressive litigation and negotiate on your behalf. They can maximize recovery for your injuries through technology, data collection, and extensive legal and medical research.

Even though Uber provides insurance coverage, it only kicks in when the driver’s personal policy won’t cover an accident. Conflicts can arise when damages exceed the driver’s coverage or if the driver was engaged in commercial activities not covered under their personal policy. Third-party liability insurance in the ride-sharing industry has created complex legal issues, which legislators in California and other states are beginning to address. Still, regulations may be years away.

How Legal Funding in Los Angeles Can Help

Your attorney specializes in Uber accident lawsuits and has a solid understanding of the ride-share company’s insurance policies and coverage. While they can provide a wealth of legal support, reaching a settlement takes time. You may not have the financial resources to keep going, but Fund Capital America can provide a pre-settlement advance to cover your expenses while you wait for a personal injury accident settlement.

Cash advances can be received with 24 hours of application, which can be accomplished online in minutes. There’s also no middleman, hidden costs, or anything paid upfront. As soon as your application is received, our team starts working with your attorney to gather the facts of your case. And, we’re paid back only if your case wins. That means if you lose, you still win because you keep the cash.

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