Trusted California Lawsuit Loan Alternative

Anyone who has been seriously injured in an accident knows the last thing they want is to have precious time taken up with needless steps involving paperwork and logistical issues. All this wasted time can make injured persons increasingly desperate to settle their case, typically for less than a fair amount of compensation. Having documents notarized is another infamous way the settlement funding process gets slowed down.

Some lawsuit cash advance businesses require all documents be signed and notarized prior to releasing the much-needed funds to the injured client. Even a delay of two days can mean hundreds of dollars or more to an accident victim, especially if they have been out of work due to their injuries.

Notarization can mean more steps in beginning your settlement funding. Having to find a notary can also bog down the process.

Fund Capital America Works for You

One of the ways that Fund Capital America stands out from other settlement funding businesses is that we work on an entirely paperless process, making it much easier and faster to get you the funding you need. All the legal information relative to your case we obtain directly from your attorney, and the contract outlining our settlement funding offer can be signed by you electronically.

Our paperless process thus gets rid of the logistical issues that can arise with typical settlement funding processes. Our clients can fill out a form online and sign their contract within 48 hours of each other. This simple process is a welcome relief to anyone worried over how they will be able to pay their living and medical expenses while their lawsuit takes months or even years to finally wrap up.

Fund Capital America removes the hassle from getting the lawsuit cash advance you need after an accident jeopardizes your financial stability. Fill out an online form or give us a call and don’t burden yourself with how long your injury claim will take to work itself out.

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