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Santa Clarita Pre-Settlement Funding and Law Firm Services

Fund Capital America is proud to serve the city of Santa Clarita. We can help personal injury clients and their attorneys in neighborhoods like Newhall, Stevenson Ranch, Valencia, Saugus, and Canyon Country. While outside the urban hub of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita is a bustling community where, like anywhere else, accidents can and do happen.

People are rarely prepared for an accident, a personal injury, or the associated expenses. Filing a lawsuit and litigating a case requires financial support. Fortunately, we can provide pre-settlement funding so you have the cash needed until you are compensated.

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Services We Provide

Our team is committed to providing the financial support attorneys and their clients need during the legal process. While we offer pre-settlement funding, it’s just one of many services we offer to reduce the stress load. Here are the services we offer to help you along:

Settlement Funding

At Fund Capital America, we provide non-recourse legal funding for clients who have experienced a personal injury. It is a cash advance on your future settlement with no hidden fees. It’s not uncommon to be short on cash when recovering from an accident. But it can take months or years to receive fair compensation. A cash advance on your settlement provides much-needed cash now. Apply now and be pre-approved within minutes.

Insurance Research

Gathering every detail of a defendant’s insurance policy isn’t always easy. Incomplete information can make it hard to build a legal case. To simplify matters, our team can track down information on personal and commercial auto insurance policy limits. We can also research umbrella policies, homeowners’ policies, and other limits and if the other party is properly insured. By conducting a full-scale insurance investigation, we can identify all the information needed to move forward with a case.

Doctor/Medical Facility Directory and Scheduling

As many doctors and hospitals as there are in the region, finding one that works on medical liens is challenging. But we provide a complete directory of providers in Santa Clarita that do. Therefore, you can get the care you need and the practitioner or facility will get paid out of your settlement when it arrives. 

Our staff also provides Doctor and Medical Facility Scheduling. They streamline the scheduling of appointments to save time and ensure you get the medical care needed to heal and support your claims. In addition, our team manages all communications between your medical teams and attorney and law firm staff.

Medical-Legal Finance

Vehicular accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, burns, product liability issues, and other personal injuries often require extensive medical care. Building a legal case can take time, which adds to the financial burden. Meanwhile, you must cover all your living expenses, even if you are out of work. Medical-legal financing ensures you don’t miss a single bill, grocery run, or medical appointment.

Medical Receivables and Provider Banking

Santa Clarita medical providers are focused on delivering quality care. But they need to get paid. By taking on their receivables, we ensure they’re paid upfront for services rendered. Meanwhile, our investment will be covered by future settlement proceeds. Legal practices can work towards larger settlements, serve more personal injury victims, and expand their practices.

Law Firm Banking

The cost of living and running a law firm in Santa Clarita isn’t cheap. Prices continue to increase all the time. Instead of investing money in their law firm, a lawyer can benefit from FCA’s law firm banking services to fund cases and their business activities. Reaching a fair settlement can involve a hefty financial burden, but with our support, you can grow your practice and work with more clients.

Law Firm Support Services

At FCA, our staff is experienced with all types of legal services, allowing us to handle demand letter writing, deposition subpoenas, deposition summaries, propound written discovery, medical record retrieval, medical chronology summaries, and police report subpoenas. Acquiring these can involve a lot of paperwork and time spent on mundane administrative tasks. Let us take on the burden to help you focus on building your case and preparing for court appearances.

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A lawsuit can get a client the compensation they deserve, but the process can be costly and time-consuming. Fund Capital America can provide much-needed support with a pre-settlement loan and law firm services—call (855) 870-2274 to get started.

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