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Fremont, CA, Pre-Settlement Funding

Whether you’re injured driving on the 680 Freeway or hiking on the Alameda Creek Regional Trail, accidents do happen. The Alameda Creek Vista Point and Mission Peak Trail Head are popular destinations in Fremont, CA, but it’s not uncommon for adventurers to find themselves hurt and needing upfront cash. Fund Capital America is proud to serve clients in the area. We provide financial support through pre-settlement funding while plaintiffs await legal compensation.

Huntington Beach, California

Services We Provide

We provide a wide range of support throughout the litigation process. Here’s a look at the services we can help legal clients, attorneys, or plaintiffs’ medical providers with:

Legal Funding

Non-recourse legal funding is available in the form of pre-settlement funding, post-settlement funding, and settlement fee acceleration. We also offer a cash advance REFI/cash out program. A cash advance can cover lost income, medical bills, daily expenses, rent or mortgage payments, and costs of family obligations until a client is compensated. The bills won’t stop coming just because you’re injured, but financial relief is just an application away and is backed by your future lawsuit settlement.

Policy Limits

Insurance research can save law firms time. You’ll quickly know what your client’s insurance liability limits are to support a claim. Our professionals are knowledgeable in all types of insurance policies and their terms and conditions. They also realize how these are pertinent to any individual case. They will draft a full report on these details so your firm can proceed with litigation and negotiate a fair settlement for the plaintiff.

Medical Legal Finance

Whether a client, attorney, or medical professional is involved in a lawsuit, we can help get them funded long before a payout is received. Numerous financing options are available. Plaintiffs don’t have to wait until their case concludes to get financial support. And, while attorneys have the chance to provide quality legal representation, physicians are covered by medical lien funding upon treating a patient rather than having to wait for a claim to be processed or a case to settle.

Law Firm Banking

Fund Capital America offers bank lending services to law firms with a pre-arranged repayment contract. The case being represented is evaluated for approval, rather than only a firm’s hard assets. As a law firm grows, it may have more clients waiting for lawsuit settlements. Our financing lets your firm handle multiple cases and fight for justice on behalf of all your clients.

Law Firm Services

As if the litigation process isn’t time-consuming enough, it’s more than likely your law firm will be bogged down with administrative tasks. This is the tedious part of helping clients get compensated for their losses. We help streamline the process with services such as police report retrieval, demand writing, profound discovery, deposition subpoenas, deposition summaries, mediation/arbitration briefs, and more.

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