Lawsuit funding provides financial support to plaintiffs waiting for their cases to settle or to receive cash after a settlement. An injury can leave you unable to work and without the salary or wages you depend on to pay the bills. Settlement funding can ease the financial burden. But as with anything, there are benefits and downsides. We’ll look at the pro’s and con’s below.

Pro’s of Lawsuit Funding

The biggest advantages of a lawsuit cash advance include:

Cons of Lawsuit Funding

While you might need cash right away, signing up for an advance may not always be a good idea because:

Apply for Lawsuit Funding with Fund Capital America

Fund Capital America is a lawsuit funding specialist that works with plaintiffs and law firms to provide much-needed financial relief. A lawsuit cash advance can help your attorney work towards a maximum settlement. Our legal funding is non-recourse; there are no out-of-pocket costs, hidden fees, or upfront payments. Pay us back only if your case wins.

Learn about cases we fund, including auto accident, personal injury, and product liability cases by calling 855-870-2274 now. Feel free to apply online today; the process takes just a few minutes.