Can You Use Legal Funding to Help Cover Funeral Expenses in California?

When tragedy happens suddenly and when it involves the loss of someone you love, the astoundingly high cost of standard funeral expenses can come as a most unpleasant surprise. When this is combined with the unfortunate immediacy of planning a funeral, it is certainly not uncommon for a bereaved spouse, parent, child or other family member to simply agree to the cost of these arrangements without questioning where the money to pay for them will ultimately come from, leaving them wondering how to pay for a funeral they really can’t afford. While it’s definitely understandable that anyone facing a loss of this nature might feel guilty about putting too much focus on the cost of funeral arrangements at such a time, they may regret some of their choices later on. It may not be until days, weeks or months later that they realize the potential precariousness of their financial situation.

The Wrongful Death of a Loved One

Everything we have just mentioned above becomes further amplified when the death of a loved one is the result of an accident for which they were not at fault, but which was caused by the reckless or negligent behavior of someone else. This is legally referred to as a ‘wrongful death’ and the surviving family members of someone who has been killed in this tragic manner have the legal  right to pursue financial compensation to cover not only funeral costs, but also the possible loss of income and other related expenses that would otherwise have been provided by the deceased, as well as the attorney and legal fees that come with a wrongful death lawsuit.

While any compensation received when a settlement has been reached in a wrongful death lawsuit will be of some small help to surviving family members, this process can often be drawn out over an unpredictable and sometimes lengthy amount of time, from months to years.

Fund Capital America Offers a Financial Safety Net for Your Family

At Fund Capital America, we are proud to be able to provide our clients with an alternative to waiting years for a settlement to be reached in the form of pre-settlement funding. Clients who qualify for pre-settlement funding will be able to receive their approved funds within 24 hours, allowing them to cover any immediate costs, such as their house payment or other bills, as well as providing them the opportunity to continue the pursuit of their wrongful death lawsuit without being forced into a hasty resolution for less compensation due to their more immediate financial difficulties.

If you are currently awaiting the settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit and would like to apply for funds from Fund Capital America or if you have questions about legal funding in Los Angeles, we encourage you or your attorney to contact us today. Our compassionate and reliable team will be happy to discuss your pending case and assist you in the application process. There are no upfront or out of pocket payments required upon qualification for pre-settlement funds and you will only be required to repay if your case is won.