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Don’t see your situation listed? Call (310) 424 5176 to see if your case qualifies for legal funding.We provide lawsuit funding throughout California for injuries caused by any type of accident. You may be able to obtain a lawsuit cash advance from FCA Legal Funding whether you or someone you know was injured in any of the following,

Los Angeles Pre-Settlement Funding

If you were in an accident and would like to file a lawsuit or have filed one already to get what is due for all the sustained damages and injuries, you should know that it could take some time before your case can be resolved and settled. Being unable to work because of your injury, the financial stress may be considerable. You need help to cover your daily expenses, medical expenses, bills and mortgages, and even the lawsuit process in the court. This financial assistance can be had through California lawsuit cash advances.

Who is eligible for a lawsuit settlement cash advance in California?

Anyone who planning to file a lawsuit or has filed already and is represented by an attorney can apply for funding. This cash advance covers personal injuries: slip and fall, auto accident, and even medical malpractice; but remember, this is not your typical loan or lawsuit advance scheme. FCA Legal Funding does not require you to have any bank or credit check or present your monthly earnings, but will ask you to pay them once you have won the lawsuit. However, if you lose your lawsuit, you owe nothing to the lawsuit funding company.

Advantages of Lawsuit Settlement Cash advance

A California lawsuit cash advance would give you immediately access to needed cash without any hassle. It has no employment requirement or credit check to be approved. The approval process is very fast especially after reviewing your case. There is also no risk on your end since you do not need to repay the funding company unless you won the case and received your settlement funds.

If you or anyone you know is injured and need money prior to settlement, call (310)424-5176 or email for help.

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Thank God for Fund Capital America!! I was injured and could not work. The advance they gave me made me able to get through the long process of my lawsuit comfortably!! I would recommend them to anyon  
Sarah Y


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If you have been injured in a vehicle accident, and as a result you have incurred debt and exhausted your savings there is hope. FCA Legal Funding works with injury attorneys to help provide financial assistance to our injured clients prior to their settlement.