During a personal injury lawsuit, discovery can take a significant amount of time. But discovery for auto insurance claims is a crucial part of an accident case. After all, the at-fault party’s insurance carrier usually pays for damages. Fund Capital America provides insurance discovery services to save time and energy, whether in receiving immediate healthcare or getting compensated for lost income, medical treatment, etc.

Discovery can involve gathering police reports, witness testimonies, or photos from an accident scene. One side might also request medical records or insurance policies from the other. But obtaining all the fine details isn’t always easy. For example, insurance policies have a lot of fine print, and there may be hidden coverages the policyholder didn’t know about.

Nonetheless, auto insurance discovery can be streamlined and we’ll explain how.

What Does Discovery Entail?

The federal court system requires all relevant facts and documents to be disclosed between parties in a lawsuit before a trial begins. The discovery phase is multi-faceted and includes steps such as:

Know What You Need

Knowing what’s discoverable lets you and your attorney prepare the appropriate documents. Any relevant information can be obtained, leading to the discovery of admissible evidence. This includes documents, property, or persons with knowledge of a discoverable matter.

Information that you may need to present includes:

Speeding Up Discovery for Auto Insurance Claims

Anyone who has filed a personal injury lawsuit knows reaching a conclusion and being compensated can take time. Software is used to streamline tasks for virtually all parties, from insurance adjusters to healthcare providers to legal professionals. It allows easier and faster access to information. Depending on the software tool, one can identify a party’s insurance carrier, insurance coverage, and vehicle registration information.

Third-party insurance discovery services are another option. During discovery, auto insurance claims can be stretched out, but your law firm doesn’t have to carry all the burden. For example, Fund Capital America uses the latest technology to discover unknown coverage, increase productivity, and ensure all accounts are compensated. It also helps medical providers maintain a consistent revenue stream and can uncover new ways to cover medical bills.

There are many moving parts in a lawsuit. Streamlining insurance discovery can make the process easier for multiple parties, ensuring the patient gets the care they need and all sides have the information required for the case to move along.

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Fund Capital America provides insurance discovery for auto policy limits. We can analyze a policy in detail and find hidden coverages and opportunities for reimbursement. Our team eliminates any uncertainties. To learn more about how we can streamline discovery for an auto insurance claim, or provide non-recourse pre-settlement funding, contact us online or call (855) 870-2274.