Electric vehicles available to Los Angeles residents are providing a new means to get around, but have changed the landscape from traditional automobile ownership, and even rental.

Whether you’re in a car accident, as the passenger or driver, or injured by a vehicle, Fund Capital America can provide you with a pre-settlement advance, a more affordable alternative to a lawsuit loan. However, the details of the case are closely reviewed prior to approval. With car sharing gaining traction, pinning liability and winning insurance claims have become more challenging.

The concern among authorities, and even Los Angeles car accident attorneys, is what to do when someone is injured by a car share vehicle.

Are Rideshare Vehicles Insurable?

Reputable car sharing companies carry commercial insurance coverage, which should protect you if involved in an accident with their vehicle. However, each policy has fine print. As a renter, it may seem easy to sign on the dotted line and ignore the rest, but his could lead to a surprise later.

The extent of the company’s insurance coverage may not matter in most cases. But if you get into a major accident and are injured, the consequences may be significant. Typically, the car share company’s insurance carrier will focus on the lowest payout, possibly leaving you to fend for medical bills, lost wages, and property damage on your own.

To determine whether you might be adequately protected, look at these aspects of the company’s insurance policy:

But even if the policy limit amounts look high, they may not be enough. A catastrophic car accident can lead to severe personal and property damages and to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in ongoing medical treatment. Therefore, look beyond the front page when a car sharing company advertises its high liability coverage amounts.

Review Your Own Auto Insurance Policy

Before renting from a car share company, check your own coverage. You don’t need to be a regular driver or own a car to get auto insurance. Non-owner’s auto insurance policies are available and can come in quite handy if you are in an accident. Even if you are hit by someone driving a ride share vehicle, your insurance may cover costs not included in the ride sharing company’s policy.

Still, there are cases where neither insurer wants to cover a driver, passenger, or pedestrian involved in a ride share car accident. If one or both refuse to pay, or stick you with the minimum, your next step is to seek legal representation. Filing a lawsuit, or going to trial, can be quite expensive, so your next move is to apply for direct legal funding.

Call Fund Capital America

With Fund Capital America, there’s no upfront payment. You don’t pay anything unless your rideshare case wins, and even then, payback comes out of your settlement amount. We determine the amount based on the facts your Los Angeles personal injury attorney provides; there’s no middleman. A traditional lender will focus on your credit history, employment status, and other unrelated personal details. Our underwriter will look at only the circumstances surrounding the accident and the risk associated with your case; and your obligation to repay is based only on the time the money is used, the length of your recovery, and the time of your case to settlement.

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