Legal funding for medical facilities allows doctors, hospitals, and medical centers to get paid when a personal injury victim cannot afford treatment. It can cover the cost of surgery and long-term care, even when an insurance policy won’t cover everything. A medical lien on a personal injury settlement can be risky; not every doctor or facility will work on a medical lien basis. At Fund Capital America, we offer dependable legal funding for medical facilities at competitive rates; we’ll now explain how it works.

Types of Medical Legal Funding

When you apply for funding, either the plaintiff or the provider can receive a non-recourse cash advance. How this works depends on the model used:

How Medical Facility Legal Funding Is Arranged

A contract or financing agreement lays out the terms regardless of the funding model. With the physician-funded model, the agreement identifies the claims and/or cases it covers as part of a schedule of accounts, along with other terms. Numerous documents are typically required to set up legal funding for medical facilities. In addition to the contract/financing agreement, these also include:

Types of Care that Can Be Funded

Medical lien funding can cover just about any type of care. It can provide payment to a general surgeon, plastic surgeon, neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, or anesthesiologist. Physical therapists, podiatrists, and pain management specialists can also be funded. The funding can also go to the hospital or surgery center.

The Process of Obtaining Medical Funding

To set up an agreement for legal funding for medical facilities:

Lien-based doctors work with legal funding firms that accept high-strength cases. Providing care on a medical lien is risky as the physician is providing care with no upfront payment. With legal funding, they receive a discount rate upfront. The remaining costs, which are put on the lien, are covered when the case concludes and a settlement is received.

Obtain Medical Lien Funding from Fund Capital America

We can approve you for medical lien pre-settlement funding if you have a pending lawsuit. Post-settlement medical legal funding is also available to qualified applicants. At Fund Capital America, we offer a simple process to obtain facility lien funding. Once you submit your information, we’ll review the facts of your case and documentation and notify you whether funding has been approved, often in as little as 24 hours. We also quickly find a lien-based doctor near you and schedule an appointment.

Legal funding for medical facilities and high-quality treatment for injuries are just a few steps away. To get started, apply online or call 855-870-2274.