The Holiday Season Puts a Rush on Settlements for Attorneys

As the holiday season approaches, attorneys often see clients more impatient for their cases to get settled. You know your client deserves a bigger settlement, but all you need is time. That’s where Fund Capital America comes in; our legal funding in Los Angeles can be just as beneficial to clients who need to afford holiday gifts, family gatherings, and holiday trips.

If you’re a personal injury lawyer, you understand it takes time to negotiate a settlement. The defense wants to know every last detail. Insurance companies are never easy to work with, but with a little time, you can get them to offer a fair payout. These parties never work on short deadlines and a settlement is not likely in time for the holiday season.

But all is not lost. Even if you can’t promise a client a full settlement yet, FCA Legal Solutions offers an alternative.

How Legal Funding Works

We offer plaintiffs a cash advance to cover their expenses. Many are personal injury clients and may be out of work or left with a mountain of medical bills. They can request cash through a simple, no-fee application process; once your client contacts us, we will:

When the cash advance is executed, the funds can be wire transferred to a personal bank account, picked up at our local office, or sent to the client via UPS or FEDEX.

Your client can even submit an application over the phone, so the process is stress-free. The wait time is minimal. Your case can go on as planned, because clients can be approved and funded on the same day if you provide the necessary information and signatures. Required information includes accepted liability, a summary of medical bills, policy limits, images of the accident scene/injuries, and a copy of the police report.

Paying Back a Lawsuit Cash Advance/ Lawsuit Cash Advance REFI

For the client, if their case doesn’t win, they don’t have to pay. Upon settlement, funds are paid back from your trust account, on behalf of the plaintiff. The cash advance lien will then be settled.

There are financial advantages to legal funding for a personal injury attorney. Fund Capital America offers lawsuit cash advance REFI/ cash out program. This can help if your client is short on cash.  It gives them the money they need at a cheaper rate, in order to not settle the case early. Self-funded or managed by other funding companies, refinanced advances can increase your firm’s total cash flow as well.

Fund Capital America Is Here to Help

We are equipped to assist clients who are unable to afford daily expenses, which can encourage them to try to settle early for less before the holidays. A cash advance, accelerated settlement or a cash advance REFI provides them with the finances they need. Our legal funding in Los Angeles gives you time to negotiate a higher settlement in the long term, and there is no credit check or collateral involved like there is with a loan. Learn more by calling us at 855-870-2274 today.