The check from your settlement has finally arrived. Wouldn’t it be convenient to deposit the money directly into your bank account? However, it’s not that simple to cash a settlement check with direct deposit.

To explain, let’s look at what happens when your attorney receives your settlement check. They will first deduct a portion of the proceeds to cover their legal fees and other expenses, as determined by the contingency fee contract. Court costs, expert witness fees, and medical expenses will also be deducted.

Once your attorney has distributed the funds, they can (if you provide them your bank account details), remit the remainder of your settlement check via direct deposit.

How Settlement Funds Are Received

The proceeds of your settlement are handled differently than normal cash transactions. They are deposited into a law firm’s trust account or an escrow account. Then the check must clear, so this step can add a week or more to the process. 

Thereafter, outstanding liens and bills are paid. But you don’t have to wait until the check clears to draft a release form. This will speed things up when the money is available, so all parties can be paid when it is, and you can deposit the rest into your account.

Process for Handling Settlement Transactions

Attorneys and law firms follow general procedures, best practices, and state ethical guidelines when managing settlement transactions. Your lawyer knows you’re eager to get the funds into your bank account. In anticipation of being paid, it helps to know how they track, record, and pay the transaction.

Is the Settlement Check Process Too Slow?

Once your attorney receives your settlement check, direct deposit is an option, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see the cash in your account right away. However, you can still get cash to pay for medical bills and living expenses. You can receive a portion of future settlement proceeds via pre-settlement funding. There’s no credit check, proof of income, or out-of-pocket payments required. The principal and interest/fees are paid only if you win your case.

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