A cash advance on a future settlement can cover many expenses. If you’ve filed a personal injury lawsuit and require surgery, the procedure can be funded even if a medical lien isn’t an option. At Fund Capital America, we offer surgery funding whether a client requires a minimally invasive procedure or a complex operation after, for example, an auto accident. Continue reading to learn more about how this type of funding for an injury lawsuit works.

How Surgery Affects Your Personal Injury Claim

It’s not a guarantee, but surgery can qualify you for a larger personal injury settlement. An injury requiring surgical treatment may also be considered permanent, so you may qualify for a pain and suffering claim. One example is if fractured vertebrae need to be fused. This can restrict mobility, so an insurance company or jury is more likely to believe your injury is permanent.

Surgery adds a significant amount to your medical bills. The out-of-pocket expenses can be high even if you are insured. Also, surgical wounds often lead to a scar, and scarring typically adds value to a personal injury claim. As alluded to earlier, arthroscopic surgery may not have a large impact on your settlement. However, if hardware is implanted to repair a joint or stabilize a bone, your surgery funding offer is likely to be higher.

Common Types of Surgery That Get Funded

Many types of surgeries can be funded. Back and spine surgery, such as for a herniated disc, is one. Others include neck surgery, knee surgery, and shoulder surgery. If you require a carpal tunnel release, dental procedure, or an amputation following an accident, you may also qualify for funding for an injury lawsuit.

Overall, surgery funding expands the range of healthcare choices available to you. It’s not a risk to the health care provider as they’re guaranteed to be paid in full. With a medical lien, they can face lengthy delays in collecting payments. And, if you pay for surgery up front, it may be possible to negotiate a lower bill.

How to Apply for Surgery Funding

When you apply for surgery funding, you will need to provide the funding company with:

Most settlement funding companies provide a simple application form on their websites. The form can be completed in a few minutes and the lender should start reviewing your information right away. Once they speak to your lawyer and gather all the information they need, you can receive an offer in as little as 24 hours. And in addition to surgical procedures, surgery funding can cover the cost of radiology services, rehabilitation, and prescriptions as well as other expenses.

How to Get Proper Funding for an Injury Lawsuit

At Fund Capital America, we don’t do a credit check, require a down payment, or demand any upfront fees. To receive surgery funding and other advances on your future settlement, you can count on us for a prompt decision and a fair, non-recourse cash advance. That means you pay us back only if your case wins. To get started, apply now or call 310-424-5176 today.