The American Bar Association (ABA) prohibits lawyers from loaning money directly to clients. It’s part of the association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which state that an attorney cannot provide a client financial assistance in connection with pending or ongoing litigation. But can an attorney advance money to a client in a way that doesn’t violate ethical rules or break the law?

What Happens When an Attorney Gives a Client a Loan?

Believe it or not, this is legal in California. The issue has been the subject of much debate. The State Bar of California says a lawyer can’t directly or indirectly pay or agree to pay a client’s personal or business expenses. They can’t say a legal or professional firm will do so either. But the verbiage also says a lawyer can agree to lend money to a client they’ve already retained, assuming the said client has promised to repay the loan.1

How an Attorney Can Advance Funds

Providing financial assistance to a client isn’t accepted in every state. Pennsylvania explicitly forbids attorneys from loaning a client money no matter what. In California, the law pertaining to it is a bit more confusing, but its general language suggests it is legal under certain circumstances.

Per the ABA, a lawyer cannot provide financial assistance to a client unless:

If they so choose, a lawyer can cover transportation, food, rent, and living costs, but can’t use these to retain a client. They also can’t pursue or accept reimbursement for such offerings, and can’t advertise to prospective clients that these perks may be available.

Additionally, a lawyer cannot accept payment for representing a client from anyone else unless the client agrees to it. Doing so must also not interfere with their professional judgment or client-lawyer relationship.

Guidelines for Accepting Advances from an Attorney

The client and attorney must follow strict guidelines if a lawyer provides financial assistance in California. The loan must:

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