Post-settlement funding can provide much-needed cash for plaintiffs and attorneys. An attorney has a law firm to operate, so a non-recourse cash advance can be highly beneficial. We’ll look at the advantages of attorney post-settlement funding to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What Does Post-Settlement Funding Mean?

Even after a case settles, it can take time to receive settlement proceeds. But you can get an advance on an upcoming settlement or judgment. While it may be weeks or months before compensation is distributed and cleared, your firm can take advantage of the funds now instead of waiting. The cash advance will be paid back to the lender once you are paid.

Why Choose Attorney Post-Settlement Funding?

Post-settlement legal funding is a great option for these reasons:

How Do I Get Attorney Post-Settlement Funding?

When you apply for post-settlement funding, Fund Capital America will make a quick decision. Since you’re already awaiting a payout, it’s easier to determine how much to offer. Approval is usually within 24 hours so you get the financial relief you need, with no down payments, hidden fees, or risks, and can fight clients’ legal battles.

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