One of the first steps after an accident is to submit a police report. A police officer at the scene will do this automatically. The challenge comes when you need a copy of the police report for your client’s case. Requesting one can take time and requires filling out forms, paying fees, and making phone calls. But a police report retrieval service like the one Fund Capital America offers makes the process more straightforward.

This kind of service provides the following advantages:

Saves Time

It can take up to a week to obtain a copy of a police report (for someone directly involved in a case). The process takes longer for others not directly involved, such as an insurance agent. Factors affecting the length of time include the law enforcement agency’s efficiency, the severity of injuries, or whether an investigation is ongoing. The location of the accident can be a factor as well (freeway accidents are handled by the California Highway Patrol, which tends to handle reports faster).

At Fund Capital America, we have access to a wide range of online resources. This allows us to quickly find police reports for accidents, arrests, and other incidents. We can even access multiple reports at once.

Saves Money

A police report may cost you $50 to $150.1 The department will charge a per-page fee (that’s why it’s worth asking for an electronic copy). You’ll be informed of how much you owe once your request has been accepted. To file a police report in Los Angeles, you’ll have to write a check and send it to a specific office or individual before the document is released. 

Our online portal allows for the automated retrieval of reports. Interactive searches can be performed, while insurance and registration verification further streamlines the process. It’s possible to obtain accident, toxicology, and coroner reports as well. All police documents we retrieve are completely secure.

Streamlines the Process

In Los Angeles, the LAPD’s Records and Identification Division provides copies of police reports. A driver’s license or other forms of identification are required. A notarized letter is required if submitting a request on someone else’s behalf. To access a police report, one must often visit a nearby police department in person. Depending on the location, the agency may have to mail the document to the requester.

Some jurisdictions require making a Public Access Request by mailing a letter or submitting an online form. Before sending a request, a range of information must be provided. This includes your name, birthdate, and address, as well as the case number, date and location of the incident, and the name of the officer who filed the report. Your role in the case must be identified, whether you’re a victim, defendant, witness, attorney, etc.

Automates Claims Settlement

Filing and settling a claim often require a lot of manual work that adds time to the process. Relevant documentation is needed when an insurance company handles a claim. We know how to quickly retrieve documents and fulfill a request, minimizing any delays when an insurance provider asks for paperwork related to the case. 

Identify Fraudulent Activity

If there was identity theft or any other type of fraud, fast police report retrieval makes this evidence immediately clear. One can then more effectively dispute a fraudulent charge, help a victim recover lost finances, or pursue criminality against liable parties. A police report can provide proof to determine whether a crime has occurred and/or that a victim indeed suffered the losses they’re claiming. 

Identify Subrogation Opportunities

When a victim has experienced an injury or property damage due to someone else’s fault, they often seek a financial recovery. This usually comes from the at-fault party’s insurance company. A police station report can help identify opportunities for subrogation—when an insurer requests reimbursement from the defendant’s insurance company to recover losses the insured suffered from a third party.

Contact Us for Police Report Retrieval

Fund Capital America can obtain a copy of a police report to streamline your process. In addition to providing an online report retrieval tool, we’ll answer your questions and assist in the steps needed to access all relevant documents. We’ll also make sure they’re secure and private so the client is protected. To get started, apply via our online form or call 855-870-2274.