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Can I Get Settlement Funding for a Trucking Accident Lawsuit?

commercial truck accident

Trucking accident lawsuits typically involve plaintiffs seeking large settlements to cover major injuries or wrongful death. They can be quite complicated as different parties and laws may be involved, further prolonging the case. You can receive pre-settlement funding for truck injury cases, but first, your attorney must collect evidence, gather all the facts, and prepare […]

Can I Apply for a Mass Transit Injury Settlement Loan?

Mass Transit Injury Settlement Loan

Any bus accident victim may qualify for a mass transit injury settlement loan. If you or a loved one in Los Angeles has been injured in a city bus crash, legal funding can help you deal with the financial hardship caused by the accident.  Los Angeles has a large mass transit system with nearly 1,900 […]

Do I Qualify for a Nursing Home Injury Settlement Loan?

nursing home injury settlement loan

A nursing home injury settlement loan is another type of lawsuit cash advance to cover expenses while your case is ongoing. Abuse in nursing homes far too often results in costly physical injuries and emotional trauma. It can also cause financial harm to victims. A lawsuit cash advance for nursing home neglect avoids having to […]

Guide to Pre-Settlement Funding for Dog Bites

animal bite legal funding

Each year, millions of people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs. An encounter with a friendly-looking animal can turn into an attack that results in serious and even permanent injuries. The cost of medical bills and other expenses can leave one wondering how to afford an injury lawsuit. But with pre-settlement funding for dog […]

Guide to Legal Funding for Car Crash Victims

Legal funding for car crash victims

If you’ve been injured in a car crash and are overwhelmed with bills, car accident funding options may be available. Legal funding for car crash victims can cover expenses until lawsuit settlement proceeds are in your bank account. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can qualify for non-recourse car accident legal funding and ways […]

How Pre-Trial Conference Support Streamlines the Legal Process

pre-trial conference support

Filing a lawsuit requires knowledge of various rules and processes; pre-trial conference support helps save time and money as your case nears the trial phase. The pre-trial conference is one of the first steps after a general litigation pleading. Whether through a legal consultation for a pre-trial meeting or conference preparation funding, it can be […]

How Can Legal Research and Writing Services Help Strengthen a Case?

legal research and writing services

Legal research and writing services from Fund Capital America can help support and strengthen your case and save time. The written discovery process requires a substantial amount of research. It consists of handling documentation requests, conducting interviews, and managing depositions. A high level of detail is needed since all the evidence gathered can influence the […]

How Important Is Complaint Preparation for Legal Funding?

legal funding, complaint preparation

Before you can apply for legal funding, complaint preparation is a necessary step. Filing a civil complaint is also the first step of the litigation process. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. It requires multiple documents and extensive legal knowledge to present the facts of your claim correctly. These facts are also used […]

Why Is Liability Limit Tracing Important to Your Injury Claim Investigation?

injury claim investigation

A defendant’s insurance policy limits include important details for an injury claim investigation. Liability limit tracing helps obtain crucial details about coverage available for property damage, bodily injury, and other claims. Pursuing any claim comes with challenges. Investigating liability limits helps overcome potential obstacles and provides your attorney with the vital information they need to […]

Will a Cash Advance on a Lawsuit Settlement Lower My Credit Score?

cash advance lower credit score

A cash advance on a lawsuit settlement provides the financial resources you need while your case is pending, but will it lower your credit score? Your credit is not a factor when applying for a lawsuit cash advance (so your credit score is not affected). Instead, the non-recourse loan is backed by the proceeds you […]

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