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How Legal Funding for Attorneys and Law Firms Excels Over Other Financing Options

Starting and running a law firm costs a lot of money. Then there’s the financial weight of filing a lawsuit and proceeding until a personal injury client’s case settles. There are many financing avenues legal professionals can consider. But legal funding for attorneys and law firms can get around some tight financial corners. Billable hours, […]

Benefits of Attorney Post-Settlement Funding

attorney post-settlement funding

Post-settlement funding can provide much-needed cash for plaintiffs and attorneys. An attorney has a law firm to operate, so a non-recourse cash advance can be highly beneficial. We’ll look at the advantages of attorney post-settlement funding to help you decide if it’s right for you. What Does Post-Settlement Funding Mean? Even after a case settles, […]

Benefits of Pre-Settlement Legal Funding for Law Firms

Pre-settlement funding helps plaintiffs cover their bills while awaiting a personal injury settlement. However, a law firm’s clients aren’t the only ones who can benefit. A lawsuit involves many steps and can require a significant amount of capital. We’ll look at the advantages of pre-settlement legal funding for law firms and some of the basics […]

What Does Post-Settlement Mean?

Different types of legal funding are available when you have a personal injury case or claim. Lawsuit funding companies generally consider whether the case is in pre-settlement or post-settlement. A settlement is an agreement resolving a dispute or establishing a party’s rights. The legal term often used here is “full and final settlement”. But plaintiffs […]

Benefits of Medical Facility Lien Funding Services

Medical facility lien funding services

The aftermath of any accident is stressful enough. Worrying about how to pay for medical expenses on top of an already tight budget is a whole different story. Medical facility lien funding services take this uncertainty out of the equation while you’re waiting for compensation from a personal injury claim settlement. How Does Medical Lien […]

How Medical Receivables Financing Can Benefit Healthcare Providers

In addition to pre-settlement funding, Fund Capital America specializes in medical receivables financing (factoring). Personal injury clients benefit because it helps work around the financial challenges of paying for medical care while awaiting a settlement. For hospitals and healthcare providers, a lack of reimbursement creates cash flow problems. Rising costs are also problematic. Medical receivables […]

How Do I Receive Surgical Financing?

surgical funding

Fund Capital America provides surgical financing to clients who require surgery and have a pending personal injury claim. Surgery funding covers the costs of many types of medical procedures. When your surgeon or hospital won’t accept a medical lien on a future settlement, healthcare funding ensures you get the treatment you need now. We’ll explain […]

Can I Take More Than One Lawsuit Cash Advance Payment?

Lawsuit Cash Advance Payment

Yes. There’s no limit on how many lawsuit cash advance payments you can apply for. Accident injury victims have many needs and their cases often take time. If you’re waiting for a car accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice case to settle, the total advance limit is about 20% of the case value. So […]

How Do I Get a Petition for Minor’s Compromise in California?

When a child is injured in a car crash, receiving compensation for their injuries can be challenging. The Probate Court advocates for minors and individuals with disabilities. It requires obtaining a written agreement signed by a parent or guardian before any settlement funds are distributed. This article will explain how to get a petition for […]

How to Maximize Your Lawsuit Funding: Tips for Making the Most of Your Funds

During a personal injury lawsuit, your focus is on being financially compensated for expenses related to your accident. But the legal process incurs many costs. It can be hard to budget, let alone cover, medical bills, rent, groceries, and other living expenses (especially if you’re out of work). Lawsuit funding can cover all of these, […]

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