Legal Funding for Sexual Abuse & Sexual Harassment Cases in California

FCA Legal Funding Provides Pre-Settlement Funding Solutions in California

FCA Legal Funding can help clients with sexual assault or harassment cases. We provide sexual harassment settlement funding to sexual assault survivors from all walks of life. Sexual abuse, according to the American Psychological Association, is unwanted sexual activity brought on one individual by another via force, threats, texting, by phone, or taking advantage of a victim unable to give consent. According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), 50% of assaults are by someone the victim knows.

Many sexual assault victims are initially fearful and in disbelief. Long term effects include anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder that can have drastic effects on one’s well-being and personal and professional life. Financial factors often interfere with a person’s willingness to pursue a legal case too, but we specialize in sexual abuse case legal funding to provide support until you reach a settlement.

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Where Sexual Harassment Is Most Likely to Happen

Sexual harassment is often associated with inappropriate acts on women. In fact, the majority of women have experienced harassment, according to a Stop Street Harassment survey. However, half of men have experienced it as well. Many times, the victim is of the same sex as the harasser. Offensive conduct can affect many people and is not always limited to the victim of the assault. Nor does there have to be personal or economic injury associated with the incident.

The most frequent locations individuals experience harassment include:

  • Public streets, parks, stores, restaurants, movie theaters, or gyms
  • A victim’s, attacker’s, or other person’s home or private residence
  • In a car or on a bus, train, taxi, or airplane
  • At a school, college, university, or technical training school
  • In the office or other workplace
  • A place of worship
  • On the Internet
  • Health care facility

Sexual assault can occur anywhere. Although law enforcement has resources to handle such incidents, and employers usually have no-tolerance policies towards sexual harassment and discrimination, many victims choose not to report assaults. However, there are many resources available to victims, including:

Additional national resources for survivors and their loved ones can be found at

Awaiting a Settlement? FCA Legal Funding Can Help

As California’s leading personal injury legal funding company, we fund a variety of different cases. An injury, physical or psychological, can affect your ability to work and earn an income, and leave you with a mountain of medical bills. We can approve you for a cash advance fast. Just provide your contact information and attorney’s details and our team and underwriter will gather all the information they need.

There is no credit or income check and you pay nothing out of pocket. No middleman is involved either. We provide direct funding and no matter how your case turns out, you still win; pay us back only if a settlement is reached. Better yet, it’s a completely paperless process, so you can apply in less than 10 minutes and receive a legal cash advance within 24 hours.

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Harassment: Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loan

On the surface, a cash advance seems similar to a loan. However, approval for a loan is highly dependent on your credit history and employment status, among other personal factors, and usually has nothing to do with your case. Then payment terms and fees must be considered. A settlement loan often requires you to start making monthly payments right away, despite financial hardship, and may have exorbitant fees.

With pre-settlement funding, you are not required to make any payments. Rather, the advance is repaid as part of your settlement proceeds you receive if the case wins. You can therefore move forward with your case until you receive compensation for your personal suffering, time off work, medical and/or counseling costs, and daily expenses.

Why Choose FCA Legal Funding

Sexual harassment settlement funding is available fast, and we can also accommodate you in how you receive your claim. A one-time lump sum can be requested. You can also opt for monthly installments or multiple advances during your case. Additionally, we can accelerate your accident settlement through our financial relief program; using the reverse mortgage principle, we can fund your cash advance out of your future settlement.

Another option is to refinance your current cash advance. By replacing your current advance with a new one, similar to a lawsuit loan, you can have different payment terms and a lower fees. The overall cost of your advance is therefore reduced.

Don’t put your sexual harassment case in jeopardy. Apply for legal funding and get cash within 24 hours. To find out if you qualify, contact us at 310-424-5176 or submit our easy online application form right now.

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