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Were you hurt in a car accident or some other unfortunate event?  If so, you have the right to file a personal injury claim to obtain financial compensation to cover your losses. Sadly, you could be waiting many months, even years, for your claim to be resolved.  In the meantime, FCA Legal Funding can actually work to obtain a lawsuit cash advance so you can pay your medical costs, rent, and any other expenses.

Injured?  Get your lawsuit cash advance in Riverside today!

Riverside is a city in Riverside County, California. The city of Riverside was founded in the early 1870s and is the origin of the California citrus industry. There are many prominent attractions located in Riverside such as the California Citrus State Historic Park, California Museum of Photography, and is also the home of UC Riverside.

The population of Riverside city has grown through the years reaching almost 300,000. FCA Legal Funding has provided pre-settlement advances and lawsuit funding for clients across Riverside to help them get back on their feet when unfortunate events occur.

The city of Riverside is located approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles and is a part of the Greater Los Angeles area. It includes the following zip codes:

92501   92503   92504   92505   92506   92507   92508   92509   92507

92518   92553   92557   92879

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Car Accidents in Riverside

The residents of Riverside are no strangers to car accidents. In 2015, 2,651 people were either killed or injured in automobile accidents. 150 people were injured in motorcycle accidents and 90 bicyclists were hurt in crashes with motor vehicles on local roads. Pedestrian accidents resulted in over 100 deaths or injuries that year. Personal injuries, whether caused by a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident, can be debilitating and range from cuts to burns, to broken bones, head and brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries, to a wide range of internal injuries.

An accident can occur in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, it can leave a lifetime of struggle, pain, and anguish. Everyday bills and expenses can leave a victim in debt, while they struggle to recover and get back to work. All the while, rent is due, utilities must be paid, and family obligations continue. Following through with a costly lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind. However, lawsuit funding in Riverside is available in your pursuit for a fair settlement. More affordable and practical than lawsuit loans, car accident legal funding can get you the money you need now.

How We Can Help

FCA Legal Funding can provide you with direct funding quickly, in as little as 24 hours. It is also not a loan you have to worry about paying back. There’s no upfront payment and no middleman. In fact, you pay nothing out-of-pocket, so you win either way. The only scenario in which you pay back your settlement funding is if your case settles, and what’s paid back is drawn directly from your settlement amount.

We also offer several different advance programs.

Pre-Settlement Funding: Apply in 10 minutes and our team will speak with your attorney, make an offer, and provide you with a cash advance in as little as 24 hours.

Post-Settlement Funding: Payments may take months or years after a case is settled. Receive settlement funds, even if you’re waiting for a check, to pay your expenses.

Cash Advance REFI/Cash Out Program: Refinance an existing cash advance or injury loan to extend repayment or get a new, lower fees. The program is available even to those who receive attorney funding in Riverside.

Settlement Acceleration Program: Using the reverse mortgage principle, cash is drawn from your future settlement, and you’ll just sell a portion back to pay us in the end. But if you don’t win, you don’t pay us anything!

Our legal funding solutions are available for Riverside attorneys and plaintiffs. A cash advance can help run your legal business and pay for office expenses, depositions, and witness statements. Even if a settled case is taking more time to pay out than expected, we can provide a more reasonable solution to an injury loan for your client.

Better yet, we provide legal and litigation funding for a wide variety of cases, including:

Other Personal Injury

We also fund Riverside plaintiffs, and provide legal funding for attorneys, for claims regarding medical devices such as hernia mesh, transvaginal mesh, hip implants, and knee replacements. Labor law cases involving construction, train, or maritime accidents, and sexual abuse and harassment, can also be funded (we cannot fund workers comp cases). If you or a loved one has been harmed by a pharmaceutical drug, or are facing an NCAA, NFL, NHL, or WWE concussion lawsuit, apply for a cash advance with FCA Legal Funding.

How to Qualify

In order to qualify for car accident legal funding in Riverside, you must have suffered an injury caused by an accident. In turn, the accident must be proven to have been triggered by another party’s negligence or malicious actions. You must have already retained an attorney, so we can gather the facts of your case. Then all you need to do is fill out our online application form, which takes less than 10 minutes, and we’ll request the appropriate documents from your attorney. We’ll make an offer once we receive your case information and our underwriter determines the risk of your case.

Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loans

In Riverside, lawsuit loans are something many plaintiffs are familiar with. Legal funding is different because with settlement loans, you must immediately start paying back the principle. And fees are often quite high. Lenders don’t usually account for your situation. They go with their standard risk formula based on your credit and financial history. If you have any bankruptcies, credit issues, or are unemployed, you may not be approved.

On the other hand, there is no credit check when you apply for pre-settlement funding. You pay no application fees, upfront costs, or anything out-of-pocket. Repayment is based on the time you use the money, your length of recovery, or the time of your case to settlement. You win either way, no matter how your case ends. If it settles in favor of the defendant, you keep the money; if you win, repayment comes out of the settlement amount and not your bank account.

What Is Settlement Funding For?

Your cash advance can be used towards anything. While your lawsuit may still be pending, money from an advance can go towards personal expenses, medical bills, and even the cost of litigation. It can compensate for lost wages and help pay the rent on time. The accident may not have been your fault, but you still suffer the consequences, which often include financial burdens that can be hard to overcome. To top it off, legal cases often take longer than expected to settle and have unexpected roadblocks. Whether it’s a lawsuit cash advance or auto accident litigation funding for attorneys, we can help free up cash flow so more time can be spent working towards the best possible settlement.

Why FCA Legal Funding?

For years, FCA Legal Funding has approved numerous accident advances to help people get their lives back together after a serious injury.

Were you or a loved one involved in an accident in Riverside, California? No matter what type of accident you were injured in, FCA Legal Funding can help. You need to contact our team and we can provide you with a Riverside lawsuit funding offer quickly, often within 24 hours of receiving your application. 

FCA Legal Funding is California’s pre-settlement funding specialists. Our years of experience with the personal injury legal process has made us the go-to for legal funding throughout Riverside and California. The process is risk-free, paperless, and requires no credit checks (unlike with settlement loans).

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If you were injured in an accident in Riverside and a cash advance to cover any expenses, contact FCA Legal Funding. Being injured in an accident can be life-altering.  FCA Legal Funding is here to get you cash quickly so you aren’t left struggling to pay your bills after a serious accident.  We work with your Riverside attorney to obtain fair compensation long before your claim wraps up. 

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