Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Loans in California

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a pharmaceutical drug such as GranuFlo, Risperdal, or Xarelto, you may be eligible for a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance. Apply now to receive as much as $100,000 in your bank account in 24-48 hours.

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Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Settlement Loans – Defective Drugs

With so much government oversight, it would seem pharmaceutical drugs would be safe. In fact, thousands of people experience serious injuries every year due to defective drugs. The FDA has ordered many big pharma companies to pay fines, oftentimes in the millions of dollars.

But that doesn’t provide you with financial relief while your case is ongoing; for that, we offer pharmaceutical settlement funding. It is a more affordable alternative to pharmaceutical lawsuit loans, as you pay nothing out of pocket and only pay the advance back if your case wins—out of your settlement proceeds.

Our litigation funding specialists are familiar with a wide range of cases. We’ve funded plaintiffs who’ve filed individual lawsuits against drug companies or participated in drug class action lawsuits. No matter which course you take, it’s often years between when you file a lawsuit and receive a settlement. The litigation process can be long and difficult; and plaintiffs rarely receive compensation quickly after a verdict is reached in pharmaceutical drug cases.

The drug companies know most people can’t afford to wait. They draw out the process in the hopes you’ll settle early for less. Plaintiffs who are out of work and have a pile of unpaid bills may be enticed by a low offer. But you deserve so much more. While pharmaceutical settlement loans can add to the financial burden, legal funding covers your rent, living expenses, car payments, and medical bills while you eagerly await a much-deserved settlement.

Types of Pharmaceutical Drug Loans We Offer

If you’re working with a personal injury lawyer and have been harmed by using the following pharmaceutical drugs, we offer a quick and easy process for obtaining pre-settlement loans. You can receive pharmaceutical lawsuit financing if you have taken:


A chemical used in dialysis machines to clean the blood of kidney patients while they’re undergoing treatment. GranuFlo is intended to prevent acid from building up in the kidneys. But is also associated with serious side effects such as heart attack, stroke, and cardiopulmonary arrest. In some cases, there have been deadly consequences.

Low-T (Low Testosterone)

Drugs used to treat low testosterone levels have been found to increase the risk of heart attack. Studies have indicated men over age 65 are most at risk; in fact, one study suggested there was a 30% increase in the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death. Low T drugs have also been associated with blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and aggression.


An anti-psychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and irritability (in children with autism), Risperdal is associated with many serious side effects. One is gynecomastia, or abnormal breast growth in males. Drug makers Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. have settled hundreds of lawsuits related to Risperdal, while J&J paid more than $2.2 billion in criminal and civil fines in 2013 according to The New York Times.

Talcum Powder

Long a staple of baby care, talcum powder contains talc particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause cancer. Women who use it as a person hygiene item are at an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Manufacturers still produce the product despite many scientific studies having linked it to serious health effects.


Designed to prevent blood clots, Xarelto is prescribed to protect people from strokes. However, the blood thinner can cause irreversible internal bleeding and other side effects such as low blood pressure, headaches, blood in urine, vomiting, intense pain, and seizures.

Apply for Pharmaceutical Settlement Funding Today

If you’ve experienced a personal injury from taking Risperdal, GranuFlo, Xarelto, talcum powder, or Low-T medications, and are working with a personal injury lawyer, apply for a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance with FCA Legal Funding today. It can cover personal expenses while you await a settlement. Our process is hassle-free and can help you get the compensation you deserve. Apply today or call 310-424-5176 for more information.

Get Your Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Funding Today

Pharmaceutical Legal Funding FAQs


We know emergency room visits and medical bills can cause undue financial hardship. Affording daily necessities is a challenge, let alone filing a lawsuit. Fortunately, we offer a hassle-free process for receiving legal funding in as little as 24 hours. It takes just minutes to apply and, once we discuss your case with your attorney, can quickly make an offer based on the facts provided.


In the world of litigation, there’s always the unfortunate risk of losing. Drug lawsuit funding is non-recourse, meaning you pay back the funding company only if your case wins. With traditional defective drug lawsuit loans, you would have to start paying back the principle, plus interest, right away, even if you don’t receive a settlement. This is not so with a pre-settlement advance from FCA Legal Funding.


You can apply for funding if you’ve received pharmaceutical settlement funding from another provider. Submit your application and we’ll talk to your personal injury attorney. We can then make an offer and even approve you for a second round of funding, depending on the facts of your case and your individual financial situation.

What Our Clients Say

Our team funded $25M+ to thousands of accident victims nationwide!

FCA was there when I needed assistance. I was able to advance my money while waiting for my personal injury settlement. Fast & friendly service and competitive rates. Thank you FCA

Ada Alviola

When I applied for cash advance the approval was so quick that I didn’t have to wait for another day to get my money fast service!

Glenn Estores

Our office has worked with FCA for a while now. They always deliver. They got our clients loans funded in record time. Glen is the man! We appreciate you guys. Keep up the great work!

Ali Abedi

Great company and extremely supportive staff. So far they have been able to help a multitude of my clients with much needed cash quickly. In once particular case the client received funds almost 11 months prior to his case being settled. Very professional and empathetic towards the needs of their clientele.

Kian Mottahedeh

How It Works

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3. Get Funds

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FCA Legal Funding comes highly-rated due to our professional customer service & fast 24-hour cash advance for a variety of accidents. Browse our reviews to see what our customers have to say!

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Apply now to get the pharmaceutical legal funding process started. Remember, there is no fee to apply, and no upfront costs. Pay us back only if your case wins!

Also, learn more about our Cash Out Program to accelerate your accident settlement and the Lawsuit Cash Advance REFI Program to refinance a previous advance, both of which offer additional flexibility while your lawyer fights for your settlement.

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