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With accidents involving pedestrians on the rise in the city of Long Beach over the last few years, many residents who have been injured in this or any other type of accident for which they were not at fault have chosen to legally pursue the compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, this means that many Long Beach residents may also be in need of a financial safety net while they await the resolution of a personal injury case. It is very common for personal injury cases to become complicated, drawn-out procedures – and while patience throughout the process may eventually pay off, in the meantime, many injured victims find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

FCA Legal Funding wants to make sure that the residents of both Long Beach and the rest of California are aware that they do have somewhere to turn when they need financial help during the settlement of their case. We offer a simple, no risk alternative to typical high-interest lawsuit loans in the form of direct, cash advance lawsuit funding.

There are no hidden costs or fees, no middleman and no upfront payment required to get our settlement funding!

No Win
No Repayment


Pay Nothing Out of Pocket

Paperless Process

Same Day Funding

Term Based Payback

Providing Lawsuit Funding for Long Beach, CA

FCA Legal Funding provides lawsuit funding for clients throughout California who were hurt due to any number of types of accidents.  We proudly help injured clients pay hospital bills, doctor bills, prescription medication costs, and all related expenses by providing settlement funds quickly and without risk.

Located in Southern California, with a population over 462,000, the city of Long Beach is the 7th largest city in the CaliforniaThis includes a lot of tourist attractions like:

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden     Long Beach Convention    Rancho Los Cerritos     Scorpion Submarine

Museum of Latin American Art      Aquarium of the Pacific     Catalina Express     Naples Island

Long Beach Waterfront     El Dorado Nature Center

If you have been injured in an accident, and as a result you’re bills are piling up, don’t lose hope. FCA Legal Funding works with your injury attorney to help provide you financial relief to out of your future settlement based on the details of your case, not your credit score!

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Types of Cases Eligible for Legal Funding

At FCA Legal Funding, we offer pre settlement funding for a variety of cases, including:

Qualifying for Legal Settlement Funding

Qualifying for a settlement advance with FCA Legal Funding is simple. In order to apply, you will need to have already retained the services of an attorney and have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own. If you have any questions about qualifying for one of our personal injury loans alternatives, please call 310-424-5176!

Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loans

The financial assistance offered by FCA Legal Funding is very different from lawsuit loans offered elsewhere. Other online loans come with strict requirements for eligibility, including a credit check, and with very high fees on personal injury lawsuit settlement loans. You will be expected to repay your settlement loans as soon as your case is resolved, regardless of the outcome, or face steep financial consequences.

With FCA Legal Funding, you will only be required to repay if you win – and even then, repayment is based on the length of your recovery. No recovery? No repayment needed.

Lawsuit Settlement With FCA Legal Funding

We are able to offer our applicants a lawsuit cash advance well before any structured settlement is reached in court, giving them a way to cover all the necessary costs of daily living, as well as a way to keep up with their medical bills and litigation costs during a time when a loss of wages become a dire financial situation. FCA Legal Funding is able to offer an alternative financial solution to costlier options like pre-settlement loans & personal injury loan. With direct funding from our California legal funding California, we can provide you a lawsuit cash advance when you need with no hidden strings attached.

Get Your Cash Within 24 Hours


Pay ONLY When You Win

We get to work by speaking with your attorney to determine how much cash to advance you based on the merits of your case, rather than your credit score.

No Credit History or Income Check

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Thank God for Fund Capital America!! I was injured and could not work. The advance they gave me made me able to get through the long process of my lawsuit comfortably!! I would recommend them to anyon  
Sarah Y

FCA Legal Funding is here to help: call us now at (310) 424-5176

If you have been injured in an accident and you meet our simple qualifications to apply for funding, you can fill out our convenient online application to get the process started. Upon receiving your application, we will contact your attorney to find out more about your case and have a decision ready within 24 hours.

If you have any additional questions about how personal injury lawsuit loans work or if you would like to speak to one of our dedicated staff about our settlement funding application process, you can reach us at (310) 424-5176. We will be happy to assist you.