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California Pre-Settlement Funding Law Practice & Lawsuit Funding

Legal funding, lawsuit funding, or plaintiff cash advances are a process where personal injury plaintiffs get advances against their pending or settled case so they have the funds to cover their expenses while their case progresses.

Oftentimes, clients have pressing financial needs such as their medical care and basic expenses, and are unable to wait for their potential settlement. This can unfortunately force their lawyer to settle their injury claim for pennies on a dollar.

Attorneys benefit from lawsuit funding:

  • Protection from “ethical issues” as described in the state bar related to self-funding
  • Protects your after-tax income by allowing us to take the risk for you
  • Increases law firm cash flow by allowing you to refinance advances which are self-funded or by other funding companies

How does California plaintiff lawsuit funding fit in my law practice?

As you may have experienced, you have to expect the unexpected in the law profession, especially while navigating what could be a long process in getting the best possible settlement for your injured client. You can’t allow for the insurance company to hold out in settling a claim while your client is slowly drowning in anxiety over their bills and other financial responsibilities.

The process is simple:

  1. The plaintiff contacts FCA Legal Funding for a cash advance.
  2. Your firm will be required to provide specific case information.
  3. Once the details have been received, the case is reviewed by our underwriter who determines the viability of funding.
  4. If approved, an agreement is drafted and sent to the plaintiff and their attorney.
  5. Once executed, the funds can be picked up at our local office in downtown Los Angeles (for free), wire transferred to their personal account (for a fee), or send via UPS/FEDEX delivery (for a fee).
  6. Plaintiff funding is a non-recourse purchase interest against the future settlement.
  7. Upon settlement of the case, the law firm will have a duty to request a payoff as per our agreement and payback funds from their trust account on behalf of the plaintiff to satisfy the cash advance lien.

How are cases evaluated?

We evaluate the case with some basic information from you.

  • Copy of the Police Report / Incident Report
  • Policy limits
  • Summary of the medical bills
  • Images (if available)

Our unique cash advance investment method will not require payment during the term of the case until a final settlement is reached. These advances are Non-Recourse, which means if the case is lost, nothing is due.

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California’s Lawsuit Cash Advance Specialists

We are currently helping a significant number of attorneys in California with lawsuit cash advance requests from clients unable to sustain their daily expenses. These advances afford attorneys ample time to negotiate higher settlements by not being forced by the client to settle pennies on the dollar. This program has been misclassified as many things such as an accident loan; however, unlike a loan, no collateral or review of an applicant’s credit profile is necessary to qualify for funding since funding is based on the merits of the case. Furthermore, with pre-settlement funding in California, the plaintiff pays a previously determined amount based on potential proceeds upon actual settlement.


Legal funding is an attorney-friendly process. Call FCA Legal Funding today and discuss how we can work with you on your client’s claim! Call (310) 424-5176 or email


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