law firm banking

The practice of law is both a beautiful and burdensome profession. The beauty is found in winning justice for the people. The burden is in the heaps of paperwork and lengthy settlement payouts. 

When cases take months and even years to finalize, law firms find themselves in an awkward financial gap. Looming overhead expenses like rent, utilities, and payroll do not wait for settlement payout. As a result, attorneys find themselves scrambling for capital, and some even resort to investing their own money. However, FCA Legal Funding offers a different solution.

Litigation Funding Services For Your Firm

Fund Capital America is offering litigation funding services for your firm. The long wait for payout is now over! With FCA, the gap between your firm’s financial needs and the settlement payout will be closed thanks to a legal line of credit. 

What Is A Line Of Credit?

A line of credit is a litigation loan that is available to your firm. Using the expected settlement’s payout as leverage, law firms will be able to access the compensation they deserve quicker than ever before.