Hit & Run Victim Legal Funding in California

Considering Lawsuit Loans or Settlement Loans? Pre-Settlement Funding Is the Better Option

Understanding Hit and Run Victim Funding

When involved in an accident, all drivers must legally remain on the scene to provide contact and insurance information to the other parties. If you leave without identifying yourself, you may end up charged with misdemeanor or felony hit and run. Property damage, passenger injuries, and even pet injuries or loss can complicate the issue, worsening the associated civil and criminal penalties.

The reasons behind hit and runs are many, but none are excusable by law. Following the correct course of action after an accident can help you avoid involvement in a hit and run in California. If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, you may seek compensation for your damages and acquire the funds when you need them with pre-settlement funding.

Criminal Versus Civil Penalties

During a hit and run case, criminal and/or civil penalties usually arise first as the police officers and insurance adjusters investigate the accident. The criminal liability of the hit and run driver and the severity of the accident come into play in deciding the penalties. Both misdemeanor and felony hit and run criminal charges are common across the United States.

Civil penalties, however, reflect the total damages, including loss of life, caused by the hit and run driver’s actions. The collection of compensation through civil lawsuits can take an extended period of time, however, making pre-settlement funding an excellent choice in covering your immediate expenses.

Apply for Hit & Run Pre-Settlement Funding

Hit and Run Accident Consequences

Hit and run accident penalties extend far beyond the civil and criminal world to include administrative consequences. These penalties may come in the form of license suspension and denial of automotive insurance coverage.

Furthermore, drivers that cause hit and run accidents must pay for the resulting damages, including medical care, pain and suffering, and lost wages. The punitive damage awards are typically elevated to dissuade the driver from making similar poor driving decisions in the future. Lawsuit funding and settlement loans can help you obtain the funds needed to cover your expenses without waiting for a slow settlement payout.

What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident

If you are a victim of a hit and run accident, it is important to safely pull off onto the side of the road, and then call 911. You will need to report the accident as a hit and run in California to start the investigation. The investigators will first need to identify the driver of the vehicle in question.

You should also collect evidence from the beginning by taking pictures, taking down notes and recording witness statements. Once the police identify the driver, you can seek compensation the process of recovery for your bodily injuries and property damages and pain and suffering by hiring a personal injury attorney to open a claim which may result in them filing a lawsuit to seek an award through civil court.


Hit and Run Accident Compensation Claims

If you hold uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage, your insurance may offer compensation for your hit and run damages. Bodily injury liability insurance plans also tend to cover hit and run accidents. Hiring an attorney may be able to help navigate this confusing process to get the maximum compensation possible. 

You can seek help from family members or obtain lawsuit funding from a reputable source. Alternative to injury loans and lawsuit loans, also known as pre settlement funding can help you cover your expenses while you wait for your case to move through the California court system.

Pre Settlement Funding for Hit and Run Victims

In the early days after a hit and run accident, and well into the recovery period, you still have bills for housing, utilities, medical treatments and family obligations piling up. Although you might see an end in sight with civil court proceedings against the hit and run driver, the wait for justice could result in financial complications. You can seek litigation funding and settlement loan alternatives to expedite the receipt of your funds. The hit and run accident funding, can help keep your finances healthy, so you can focus on recovery from your accident injuries.

Why You Should Select FCA Legal Funding

With FCA Legal Funding, you have three types of settlement funding cash advance options to consider:

  • One-time lump sum
  • Monthly installments
  • Regular advances

Unlike with an injury loan or lawsuit loan, pre-settlement funding from FCA Legal Funding has no hidden fees, no middleman, no out-of-pocket payment, and your repayment is based on the time it takes for your case to settle.

If you have retained a personal injury attorney after your hit and run accident, which you were not at fault for, apply for litigation funding today. FCA Legal Funding can provide you with a settlement loan alternative within 24 hours. Our team of settlement funding experts will contact your attorney to discuss how much pre-settlement funding to offer.  If you prefer, you can also call 310-424-5176 to start the hit and run accident settlement funding application process.

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