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Were you or a loved one in an accident of some kind for which you were not to blame?  If you have retained personal injury attorney to handle your claim, FCA Legal Funding can obtain a Bakersfield lawsuit cash advance (an alternative to lawsuit loans) to cover the costs of your recovery and your everyday bills while you wait for your lawsuit.

This allows your attorney the time they need to recovery the full amount you deserve for your accident, while providing you the cash you need to cover your bills in the interim!

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Lawsuit Funding in Bakersfield

With well over 300,000 residents, Bakersfield is the heart of Kern County and is responsible for three-quarters of the state’s oil supply and is a hub of agriculture as well. On top of the city’s dynamic economy, Bakersfield boasts beautiful views of farms, wildlife, and scenic tree lines.

The city has no shortage of attractions to take in, including:

Bakersfield Accident Statistics

Serious accidents do occur in Bakersfield. According to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, there were 42 pedestrian deaths in 2017. Five people were killed while riding bicycles. In 2014, the last year that data is available for car accidents, 35 people were killed in crashes, 11 of them in drunk driving incidents. Some were hit-and-run cases and pedestrians crossing the middle of roadways at night with dark clothing. Overall, the rate of car and pedestrian accidents in Bakersfield seems to be increasing.

If you have been injured in an accident, and as a result you have incurred debt, we are here to help. FCA Legal Funding works with personal injury attorneys to provide car accident legal funding to help clients cover your related expenses in the wake of a serious accident. Providing legal funding for attorneys and pre-settlement advances to plaintiffs, we provide a convenient option to help manage finances during a difficult time. There is no collateral, hidden fees, or middleman; just direct funding and no need to repay unless a recovery is awarded.

Lawsuit Funding is the process of forwarding cash to plaintiffs who have been injured and need money prior to settlement to pay for everyday living expenses. If you were injured through no fault of your own and are unable to work while your case progresses, you can obtain money by means of pre-settlement funding with FCA Legal Funding.

Lawsuit Settlement Advance Programs

Our goal at FCA Legal Funding is to benefit everyone involved in the plaintiff’s lawsuit. That includes:

Attorney: Our Litigation financing for attorneys in Bakersfield enables legal teams to follow a case through until the end. Even if a case settles, it may take time to receive the payout, but a cash advance can provide a positive cash flow, not to mention finance your business and help a client waiting for a settlement and payment.

Plaintiffs: A plaintiff can receive funding through a simple application process. Our team and your attorney handle the rest. In addition to non-recourse cash advances, FCA Legal Funding can accelerate your accident settlement. The cash is pulled directly from your future settlement. This method applies the reverse mortgage principle often used by older homeowners.

Our Lawsuit Cash Advance REFI/Cash Out Program also uses a principle associated with home mortgage loans. It replaces your cash advance with a new one, changing the terms to extend the payout and lower the fees. We can even refinance money your attorney used to self-fund the case. Either way, a financial means to pursue the case is available.

Cases We Fund

The type of case doesn’t matter so long as you were not at-fault for the accident. We fund two main types of cases—auto accidents and personal injury.

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents: Head on collisions, hit and run accidents, cell phone use, speeding, defective products, rear end collisions, and other types of vehicular accidents can be devastating. Bodily injury, from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, to death, can leave you or a loved one requiring compensation. If you can’t work, your lawsuit is delayed, or insurance company’s refuse to pay in full, the financial fallout can be severe. We offer car accident pre-settlement funding so you can proceed with a lawsuit and not resort to expensive options like Bakersfield lawsuit loans.

If you’ve been injured in the following, we can help:

Personal Injury

Personal Injury: A personal injury may occur due to unsafe working conditions, a slip and fall, hazardous conditions, negligence, and failure to follow safety regulations. All of these may mean another party can be held liable for your damages. For example, a slippery floor or failure to post safety warnings can pin liability on a store owner in a slip and fall case. Injuries sustained on any type of property can be subject to lawsuits if a landlord, landowner, or occupant had a duty of care and breached that duty.

Once we discuss the case with your lawyer, our underwriter will decide as to how much lawsuit funding to offer, for cases including:

Other Cases

Other Cases: We can help you avoid an injury loan in cases involving personal injury due to defective medical devices, medical malpractice, and pharmaceutical drugs. If your attorney is representing you in a construction, train, or maritime accident case, you can apply for a lawsuit cash advance in Bakersfield. Sexual abuse and harassment cases are funded as well.

Whether you’ve filed a Pop Warner lawsuit or have a case regarding an NCAA, NFL, NHL, or WWE concussion lawsuit, funding options are available.

How to Qualify for Legal Funding

The prerequisites to qualify are simple. First, you have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another party. Once you have retained a lawyer, you can apply for pre-settlement funding in less than 10 minutes online. Your attorney will then provide us with all the details of your case, so we can determine how much your cash advance offer will be. Legal and litigation funding can then be received in 24 hours.

Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loans

Car accident settlement loans can be tricky. You are injured, out of work, and perhaps not earning the income you were. While a lawsuit loan may seem like a fair deal up front, it does not consider the situation you are in. You’ll have to pay it back with a high fees, starting right away. On the other hand, our Bakersfield legal funding requires neither an upfront payment nor do you pay unless your case wins. You pay nothing out of pocket. Based on the length of recovery and when your case settles, repayment comes out of your settlement proceeds.

The bottom line: This is NOT a lawsuit loan as there is no credit check and there is no need for repayment if you don’t win your case!

Why Get Legal Funding

The last thing you want to do is settle early with an insurance company. Insurance tactics include prolonging a case thinking you don’t know all your rights. With lawsuit funding, you can cover the cost of litigation, rent, and various personal expenses, even groceries and travel, and continue your legal fight until a fair settlement is reached. A cash advance can even compensate for lost wages. Therefore, you can meet financial obligations amidst the burden brought on you by an accident that wasn’t your fault.

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FCA Legal Funding provides a fast application process, direct funding, and no hidden fees. There’s no credit check and it is totally risk free. A paperless process, a lawsuit cash advance can be received within 24 hours. We will assume all the risk for you, so call us now at (310) 424-5176!

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