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Obtain Financial Help During Treatment with Anaheim Lawsuit Funding

Don’t lose hope if you are struggling to pay your bills after a serious accident has kept you from working. FCA Legal Funding works with injury attorneys to obtain cash for plaintiffs while their claim is worked out in court or is being negotiated. Lawsuit funding in Anaheim is process of obtaining an advance on your settlement before it is finalized based on the merits of your case rather than your credit score. If you are an injured plaintiff and are unable to work during your medical treatment or while your case progresses, you can obtain money in the form of an Anaheim lawsuit cash advance towards your settlement.

Wronged parties are often pressured into settling lawsuits sooner at much lower settlement sums than what they actually deserve. With our Anaheim lawsuit funding and personal injury cash advance, we keep this from happening to our clients by taking the pressure off the claims process so our clients have a much better chance at obtaining fair compensation.


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Thank God for Fund Capital America!! I was injured and could not work. The advance they gave me made me able to get through the long process of my lawsuit comfortably!! I would recommend them to anyon  
Sarah Y

Lawsuit Funding in Anaheim

Your first step after being seriously injured is to speak with a personal injury attorney who can inform you of your rights and what to do next. While you may be considering handling your injury claim by yourself, your chances of recovering what you deserve are far less than working with someone trained in the law as it relates to obtaining compensation.

You should also seek medical attention for your injures.  Make sure you retain documentation pertaining to your treatment as this can be incorporated into your claim. If you don’t have medical documents to establish that you were injured, the court will infer that you were not hurt at all. Your injuries will heal over time so it is vital to your case that you seek medical care right away to make sure you see a doctor.

If you have been in an auto accident that was not your fault and you have a personal injury lawyer to prove it, you can get an accident cash advance on your personal injury settlement. It is a simple process, designed to quickly get you cash in hand so you don’t have to wait for your personal injury attorney to wrap up the case.




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